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Holiday Raffle Contest

Win cash for yourself and your favorite animal charity at the same time! Enter today by following these animal lovers on Twitter.

Zyrtec Parks Unleashed Giveaway – Week 5

This is your chance to win a $50 gift card and be entered in our drawing for a Samsung Galaxy Tablet computer! We're always on the move, and one of the tools I'm using now that allergy season has arrived is Zyrtec's AllergyCast iPhone App. With their 0-12 scale, it's easy to get a quick idea of how serious my allergies my be for the next couple of days.

#ZyrtecParks Unleashed Giveaway – Week 4

Last Monday, as part of the Zyrtec Parks Unleashed campaign, I got a chance to chat with Queen Latifah - the Queen of the Park - for a few minutes about the game and about her dogs. We're also doing another give away this week, playing for an autographed copy of Queen Latifah's book, Put on Your Crown.

Your Dog Needs To Be Belted – Giveaway

There are 78 million dogs in the US, and 56% are going for a ride at least once a month ... that's 43,680,000 dogs traveling in vehicles. And, only 16% are buckled up. That means 36,691,200 dogs' lives are gambled each month. That's a ridiculous number of disasters waiting to happen.

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Bumper Sticker Give-Away

We've designed three bumper stickers at and we need your help to pick the best one! Place your vote AND we'll send you one.