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Dog Beach in Brisbane

Taking A Holiday With My Pet

Bob and his best buddy - his pet dog, Max - share their trip from LA to Brisbane, Australia and give us an insider's peek at what pet friendly means down under.

Photo Copyright: Lisa McGuire

Introducing Your Cat to RV Travel

Introducing your adult cat to traveling by RV can be a challenge, but with a little patience and the right gear, you'll have a furry travel buddy in no time!

Buster in the RAV4

Our Training Update … A Month Late

Even our dogs who travel all the time have issues in the car. Here's an update on the training we've done with Buster this month to help him with his anxiety.

Ty Sleeping in his bed

Pet Travel Hazards: Overstimulation

Just like children, dogs can experience overstimulation - especially when traveling. Learn the triggers and what you can do to help your pet on your next trip.

Make an evacuation plan that includes the whole family - including the pets!

Preparing Your Pets For Evacuation

Hurricanes, wild fires, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, or man-made disasters - having an evacuation plan that includes your pet could make all the difference.

Dachshund and Cat

Tips For Traveling with Elderly Pets

Traveling with elderly pets or those with medical conditions presents some extra challenges. With these tips, you'll be sure the trip is enjoyable for everyone.