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SXSW - Yahoo! Travel's Beat Digital Burnout Panel Discussion

Using Pet Travel to Spark Creativity

A session at SXSW got me thinking ... have we become so attached to our digital devices that we're missing our lives? And can pet travel spark our creativity?

Why Am I Blogging?

No matter why you end up here, if I can help you do something - anything - with your pets, I've accomplished my goal. Because you'll be spending time together.

Dog in collapsable wagon

Ty’s New Diagnosis: Discospondylitis

Discospondylitis is an infection of the bone and disc space of the spine. Our dog got it when the bacteria from a urinary tract infection traveled through his bloodstream to his spine.

Arizona Animal Welfare League - Phoenix, AZ

Take Paws to Volunteer – Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Animal Welfare League is the oldest no-kill shelter in AZ. They provide adoptions services for cats and dogs in the Phoenix area, and provide low-cost veterinary services to the public.

Expert's Guide to Packing an Overnight Bag for your Dog from the Pet Travel Experts at GoPetFriendly.com

Packing an Overnight Bag for Your Dog

For an overnight or weekend trip, you want to pack your dog's essentials, without lugging along every imaginable thing he might need while you're away from home.