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Pescadero, CA

Catching Our Breath

Traveling in an RV usually means setting a leisurely pace. That hasn't been the case for us, but now that we've reached the California coast, we're planning to catch our breath.

I’m Off to #SuperZoo in Las Vegas!

I'm jumping on a jet and heading to Las Vegas for the most exciting display of pet products of the year ... SuperZoo! New gadgets, supplies, and fashion for pets.

Dog yard at Kim and Tim's

That’s How We Roll: Leaving the Dogs

We love living full-time in the RV, but one of the obstacles is that we don't have a regular pet sitter. Here's how we handle traveling without the dogs when necessary.

Buster's Birthday

It’s Buster’s Birthday!

We can't know what day Buster was born, so we celebrate the day we found him. Happy birthday, Boo - you've changed our lives and we couldn't love you more!

Low Clearance

That’s How We Roll: Low Clearance

Lest you think that traveling by RV is always calm and relaxing, here's the little calamity our GPS sent us on this weekend ... fasten your seat belt and enjoy!