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Dog Friendly Baseball Games: 2013 Schedule

Is there anything better than the opportunity to take your best friend to a ball park? The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd … and let’s not forget the popcorn and hot dogs. It’s a dog’s dream!

Known as “Bark in the Park” or “Dog Days,” major league ball teams across the nation are offering more dog friendly games than ever before. This season your pup is welcome take in a game at 18 different stadiums … am I the only one thinking road trip?!?

Photo copyright: Jessica Goddard Logan

Photo copyright: Jessica Goddard Logan

Not only are these events a lot of fun, a portion of the proceeds generally benefits local shelters or rescues. If your dog is ready to woof, woof, woof for the home team, check out the 2013 MLB schedule of dog friendly baseball games and get your tickets now!

2013 Dog Friendly Major League Baseball Games

Each stadium has its own requirements for vaccinations, weight limits, and other particulars. Be sure to visit the website or call the ticket office to confirm the details. And remember, many minor league baseball teams have similar “Bark at the Park” promotions. Check them out, too!

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