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Seeing Fort Worth With Little Gabby

Traveling with your pet doesn’t need to mean packing up and taking off for two weeks. Gabby, in addition to having her own series of books, is a very busy traveler – though she often stays close to home in Fort Worth, Texas. Today KR Watson, author of Little Gabby Books, is here to share some ideas for local pet travel.

Safety First

First things first. No matter where we go, Gabby is always buckled in with her car harness. With the crazy traffic around Fort Worth, I’ve had to slam on the brakes several times and the harness + seatbelt has always kept Gabby safe.
Gabby - Buckled In

A Little Shopping

Take your dog! Just call ahead first to make sure it’s okay. Many stores in Fort Worth, TX that don’t sell food or clothes allow dogs and Gabby particularly loves lending her nose to pick out candles at Bath and Body Works. Here is Gabby riding in the cart at Michael’s:
Gabby in the Cart

A Bite to Eat

Gabby LOVES dining al fresco with friends. Here she is (with her car harness still on) enjoying the Terra Mediterranean Grill patio, soaking in the sun. Our waiter even brought Gabby a water dish. Most patios in Fort Worth allow Gabby to join us and a couple of our other favorite haunts are Tillman’s, and The Flying SaucerNote: If you live in a hot climate, like we do, be sensitive when taking your dog. Gabby only goes out to eat during cool days in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.
 Gabby - Out to Dinner

A Walk In The Park

There are tons of parks to explore in Fort Worth. The most famous dog park is Fort Woof, but Gabby and I prefer the people-parks. When taking walks, remember not to yank your dog when they stop to sniff something. That’s like yanking the newspaper away from your spouse!
This particular park is within walking distance to our house. Gabby and I try to visit at least once during cool-weather weekends.
Gabby - In the Park

A Few Winks

Gabby adores hammock time more than anything else. She’s lucky enough to frequent the family lake house with me, and it’s the perfect dog vacation.
Gabby - In the Hammock

A Quick Splash

Boating is also a dog-friendly activity you can enjoy. Our dogs wear lifejackets when they’re on the boat and only join us in the Spring and Fall, before/after it’s too hot. Note: This photo was snapped before Gabby got her life vest on.
Gabby - On the Boat

A Night Away

Not sure how your dog would do in a hotel? Try a “stay-cation” first! Spending the night in a hotel in your own city allows you to see how your dog will react to the new environment, while only being a few minutes from home. Here is Gabby making herself comfortable in a dog friendly hotel in Dallas:
Gabby - In the Hotel
Staying close to home can still be fun for your dog – even if you only take them along to run errands. And it’s good practice for when you are ready to take a longer vacation away from home.
Guest blogger KR Watson works in Public Relations and Social Media. You can follow Little Gabby’s adventures on her Facebook page and on Twitter.

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