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Moved by Milwaukee

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

Is that what you think of when you hear someone say Milwaukee?! For people who travel with their pets, meet the new Milwaukee … and don’t worry, there’s still plenty of beer on tap.

We spent part of our 4th of July weekend here and had one gorgeous day with Ty and Buster in the city. Unlike the heat in other parts of the country, we had temps in the high 70s and low 80s, no humidity, and lotsa sunshine.

Veteran's Park - Milwaukee, WI

View from Veteran’s Park

Also, Amy is a Marquette grad, Class of 19xx. So walking through Milwaukee was a chance to relive some of the best years of her life … until she met me, of course!

Sniffing Around

Milwaukee is nestled on the shore of Lake Michigan. Once known for its brewing and manufacturing industries, Milwaukee has reshaped its image. In the past decade, major new additions to the city have included the Riverwalk, the Midwest Airlines Center, Miller Park, and an internationally renowned addition to the Art Museum. Also, many new condo and loft  buildings have gone up in neighborhoods on and near the lakefront. And, of course, there still is Harley Davidson to boast about.

What We Did

Part of the reason we came to town was to attend Summerfest, an 11-day extravaganza billed as “The World’s Largest Music Festival.” Because Summerfest is not pet friendly, we wanted to make sure Ty and Buster were dog tired before we left them in the RV (watch for an upcoming post on this topic). Thus, we spent the better part of a day walking the boys in the downtown, East Side, and lakefront areas.

We started at the Milwaukee Public Market, located in the Third Ward neighborhood. This indoor market sells produce, seafood, meats, cheeses, vegetables, candies, and flowers from local businesses. Outside, there are plenty of tables for take away eating that are pet friendly.

Inside at Milwaukee Public Market - Milwaukee, WI

Inside at Milwaukee Public Market

Milwaukee Public Market - Milwaukee, WI

Outdoor tables at the Public Market

We grabbed lunch a block or so away at The Wicked Hop on the corner of St. Paul and Broadway. Again, the outdoor tables were dog friendly, the waitstaff was attentive to Ty and Buster, AND it was covered by an awning that offered ample protection against sun or rain.

The Wicked Hop - Milwaukee, WI

Covered outdoor seating at The Wicked Hop

After lunch, we headed over to the lakefront – it was just too beautiful a day to spend indoors anywhere. Take a look.

Grounds at Discovery World - Milwaukee, WI

Grounds outside of Discovery World

Ty and Buster at Art Museum - Milwaukee, WI

Ty and Buster at Art Museum

Sailing on Lake Michigan - Milwaukee, WI

Sailing on Lake Michigan

Path Along Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI

Resting tired paws on the lakefront

On our way out of the lakefront, we came across pet friendly paddleboats on Veteran’s Park Lagoon in Juneau Park. $5 per person, and no charge for Fido.

Before heading back to the RV, we rambled along the Riverwalk. After posing with the Fonz, we stopped for drinks at John Hawks Pub.

Arthur Fonzarelli - Milwaukee, WI

Posing with The Fonz

Where We Stayed

If you’re looking for pet friendly hotels in Milwaukee, you’ll find plenty of options. We stayed at the Wisconsin State Fair RV Park. As the name implies, the park is located on the grounds where the state fair is held. It’s not beautiful – you’re on asphalt – but geez is it convenient to downtown Milwaukee. And the park is about 3-4 blocks away from a tidy residential neighborhood where we could safely walk Ty and Buster.

Next Time

Maybe it was the fantastic weather. Or the influx of young and old visitors for Summerfest. Or that Amy and I love doing city walks. Milwaukee just oozed a positive vibe while we where there. We often fantasize about where we might live when we decide to put down roots again. Without a doubt, Milwaukee would get some serious consideration.

Milwaukee is a wonderfully pet friendly city that you can actually walk with your pet. When we come back, we just want to do more of the same that we did this time. Now how many cities can you say that about?


It took four long years, but we finally got back to Milwaukee to do some more sniffing around. Read about our most recent pet friendly finds here!

Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI

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