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Nimble Remote Temperature Monitor Keeps Pets Safe In RVs and Cars

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Keeping pets safe while they’re traveling is our top priority, and that includes making sure they’re not exposed to extreme heat or cold. Occasionally we need to leave Ty and Buster alone, and we’ve discovered a remote pet temperature monitor that not only allows us to see the ambient temperature inside the RV or car on our cell phones while we’re away, but also sends us an alert if it gets hotter or colder than our pre-set limits!

Nimble Pet Temperature Monitor

Nimble Wireless has been making temperature monitors to help big companies track refrigerated trucks for years. Now they’re taking what they’ve learned about keeping food cold and helping us keep our pets safe.

Nimble’s new pet temperature device is a battery-operated, self-contained unit that measures the temperature inside your house, RV, motorhome, or car to ensure your pet’s safety while you’re away. Using their smartphone app, you set the alert thresholds for your monitor, and if the temperature reaches the limit you’ve established, the device immediately sends email and text alerts to as many as five people.

Use a Remote Temperature Monitor to Keep Pets Safe in RVs and Cars |

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Stay Connected During Power Outages

The electrical systems at RV parks are known to be a little flakey. Toss in the prospect of a careless neighbor or unexpected storm, and it’s not hard to imagine your motorhome losing shore power. Of course, the same thing can happen in your house! One of the most dangerous heat-related situations for pets is a power outage that causes the air conditioner to shut down. And if your monitor only worked while there was juice to the outlet – you’d be left in the dark while your pet’s life hung in the balance.

Fortunately, the Nimble monitor has a built-in battery and will run for 1-2 days on a single charge. The battery is rechargeable using either a USB-to-wall adapter (included) or a 12-volt adapter for the outlet in your car or motorhome (not included). We keep ours plugged into the 12-volt outlet when it’s in the motorhome (knowing it would automatically switch over to battery power if needed), and use it on battery power when we take it in the car. As an additional safety net, you can also set a low-battery alert, so the device will notify you when its battery starts to run down.

Use a Remote Temperature Monitor to Keep Pets Safe in RVs and Cars |

Cellular Coverage Required

The Nimble monitor is enabled with its own connection to the Verizon cellular network, which we’ve found to have consistent coverage across the country. And – just like a cell phone on the Verizon network – the monitor can send emails and text messages to cell phones or other devices on any cellular network.

One version of the monitor works only in the U.S. and is priced at $189, plus $19.99 per month monitoring fee. The second version of the monitor extend your range to include Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. – it costs $209, plus $19.99 per month monitoring fee. To help keep costs down, you’re able to turn off the service anytime and pay only for the months you’re using the monitor.

Use a Remote Temperature Monitor to Keep Pets Safe in RVs and Cars |


Once You Have Your Nimble Pet Temperature Monitor

Trust, But Verify

Once you receive your monitor, follow the instructions to download the app and set up the alerts, then you’re ready to test it out! Before using it to monitor your pets’ environment while you’re away make sure the device is working properly. I parked our car in the sun and let the temperature inside get warm enough to trigger the alert. Then I put the device in the car and waited. Within 20 seconds my cell phone was pinging with a new text message and email letting me know that the temperature inside the car was too hot. Perfect! And after I received the initial alert, follow up alerts arrived every 5 minutes. The alerts stopped when I removed the monitor from the car and returned it to a safe temperature.

Leave A Buffer

When setting the temperature thresholds, give yourself a buffer. You could be some distance from your house, RV, motorhome, or car when the alert is triggered and need a little time to get back. If you receive the alert when the temperature has already reached a dangerous level, your pet could be harmed in the time it takes you to return.

Check Your Connection

Verizon’s nation-wide cellular coverage is pretty consistent, but there are still places where you may not be on the network. Even being inside a parking garage could cause the device to be unable to reach you with an alert. Before leaving your pets unattended, always make sure that you’re receiving current temperature readings on your cell phone using the mobile app.

Nimble’s Pet Temperature monitor is giving us peace of mind, and letting Ty and Buster rest easy when we need to be away from them. We hope it works as well for you!

Use a Remote Temperature Monitor to Keep Pets Safe in RVs and Cars |

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