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We continue to learn new stuff as we travel with our dogs that will make pet travel easier for you! Here’s where you’ll find all that important stuff — think of it like the “junk drawer” in the kitchen: filled with the stuff we use everyday and couldn’t live without, but just don’t know where to put. Well, we found a place for it, and here it is. Enjoy!

Pet Travel Resources

Pet Friendly US State Parks from GoPetFriendly.com
US State Parks That Allow Pets – Your Guide to Pet Friendly Cabins, Campgrounds, Beaches, and More
 – Some US state parks have gone the extra mile by providing pet friendly cabin rentals, off-leash play areas, and dog beaches. Find them here, and hit the road!

Dog Friendly National Parks

Best Dog Friendly National Parks – National parks are popular vacation destinations, but pet travelers need places that their dogs can enjoy, too! Here are the most dog friendly national parks in the U.S.

Tips for Taking your Dog to Canada from GoPetFriendly.comTraveling To Canada With Your Dog
 – Crossing the Canadian border with your dog is relatively easy and the documentation you and your dog need is straightforward.

Tips for Taking Your Cat to Canada from GoPetFriendly.comTaking Your Cat to Canada
– Cats love to travel, too, and this post gives you everything you’ll need to know to make your trip across the border with your feline a breeze.

These are the pet friendly hotel chains that don't charge additional pet fees.The 6 Pet Friendly Hotel Chains Where Pets Stay Free
 – There is no question that pet travel is on the rise, and many hotel chains are rolling out the red carpet for our four-legged companions. But some hotels are exploiting the opportunity by imposing exorbitant fees on pet travelers. Here we highlight six pet friendly hotel chains were your pets are welcome to stay for free.

The Ultimate Pet Friendly American Road TripThe ULTIMATE Pet Friendly American Road Trip
– Reading about the Ultimate American Road Trip got my wheels turning … what would the Ultimate DOG FRIENDLY American Road Trip look like? Wonder no more … we’ve got it right here! One pet friendly stop in each state hitting the pet friendly best … from beaches, to national parks, to the spectacular natural wonders that make this country a traveler’s dream.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter from GoPetFriendly.comFinding the Perfect Pet Sitter
– We know that it’s not possible to take your pets with you on every trip. The right pet sitter can make any time you spend away from your pet more enjoyable for you both. With these tips, you’ll find the best match for your family.

8 Questions to Ask When Booking the Pet Friendly Hotel8 Questions to Ask When Booking A Pet Friendly Hotel
– Booking a pet friendly hotel can be tricky! Ask these eight simple questions when making your next reservation to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises when you arrive with your furry travel companion.

pet-travel-code-of-conductFBPet Traveler’s Code of Conduct
– When traveling with a dog or cat, there are a few simple “rules of the road” that will ensure businesses are happy to see you coming and will invite you back.

This is the perfect soundtrack for your next dog friendly road trip.The Perfect Soundtrack for your Dog Friendly Road Trip
– What’s a dog friendly road trip without a soundtrack?! This perfect combination of songs will keep you and your furry travel companion howling along for miles.

Guide to Preparing for Emergency Evacuation with Pets
Emergency Evacuation Planning with Pets – Unfortunately, pet travel isn’t always about having fun. Prepare an emergency evacuation kit and plan for your pets today with this guide to ensure your entire family is safe in a disaster!


Airline Pet Travel Policies

Breed Discrimination Laws

Pet Friendly RV Rental Companies

Pet Friendly Car Rental Agencies

Travel With Pets To The United Kingdom

Hawaii’s Pet Travel Requirements

Pet Travel Tips

Tips to be sure your pet doesn't get lost on your next road trip.Keep Pets From Getting Lost While Traveling
– Get the tips you’ll need to make sure that your pet doesn’t get lost on your next pet friendly road trip. We’ll help make sure that you all come home together.

top-10-trips-to-travel-like-a-pro-with-your-petFBTravel Like A Pro With Your Pet
 – People devoted to pet travel know that bringing our pets along for the ride is a privilege, not a right. Follow these ten tips to travel like a pro – and set a great example for others to follow.

Ty in Custer State Park, SDTake Awesome Pet Photos
– Part of the fun of traveling is capturing the memories to share with your friends and family. These 10 simple tips will help hone your photography skills to get awesome shots of your pet on your next pet friendly vacation!

Tips for Greeting a strange dog.Greeting A Strange Dog The Right Way
 – There are a litany of offenses that well-meaning humans commit against unsuspecting dogs when they meet for the first time. Here are 11 tips to help you pass the sniff test.

Tips for Keeping Dogs Quiet In Hotel RoomsBarking Dogs in Hotel Rooms – Tips For A Quiet Stay
– Barking dogs in hotel rooms is an issue no one wants to experience. Here are tips for keeping your dog quiet in a hotel room on your next pet friendly trip.

Dogs in Cars - FBIs It Illegal To Leave Your Dog Alone In the Car?
– Sixteen states and many municipalities have laws that make it illegal to leave your pet alone in the car if the conditions could endanger his health.

Vacation Planning Tips for Dogs Who Get Sick in the CarVacation Planning for Dogs Who Get Sick in the Car
– Having a dog who gets sick in the car certainly presents challenges when you’re planning a trip, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy vacations together!

What To Do If Your Pet Gets Sick While TravelingWhat To Do If Your Pet Gets Sick While Traveling
 – Illnesses or accidents that require a vet visit are hard enough when you’re at home, but what about when you’re traveling? We’re sharing the tips we’ve learned for what to do if your pet gets sick while you’re on a trip.

Recognizing Dehydration & Heat Stroke in DogsRecognizing Dehydration & Heat Stroke in Dogs
– Recognizing the symptoms and knowing how to quickly treat dehydration and heat stroke in your dogs will help keep your pets safe this summer!

Beach Safety - Tips and Tricks for Having a Fun, Pet Friendly Day at the BeachKeeping Your Dog Safe At The Beach
 – A lot of dogs love to swim and play in the water at the beach, but what precautions should we be taking to ensure a day of fun doesn’t end in disaster? Here are ten things you need to know to keep your dog safe at the beach.


Preparing & Packing For A Pet Friendly Road Trip

Preparing For Your Pet Sitter

13 Tips for Dog Friendly Hiking

Hiking Safety: Encountering Predators On The Trail

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