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We continue to learn new stuff as we travel with our dogs that will make pet travel easier for you! Here’s where you’ll find all that important stuff — think of it like the “junk drawer” in the kitchen: filled with the stuff we use everyday and couldn’t live without, but just don’t know where to put. Well, we found a place for it, and here it is. Enjoy!

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Duluth, MN

10 Dog Friendly Road Trips for Fall

What a spectacular time of the year - Mother Nature's setting off her fireworks, lighting the trees with color. There's no better time for a dog friendly road trip!

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Tips for Moving with Pets from the Pet Travel Experts at

Tips for Moving With Your Pets

Relocating your family - including your dog, cat, or other pet - is a big project. These tips will prepare you for moving, and ensure you all settle in quickly.

Dog Voting

We Vote With Our Dollars

The next time you have a choice, vote pet friendly. If we support pet friendly businesses, pet travel will be easier.

Tips for Summer Pet Travel

Summer is in the air and more people than ever are planning to take their pets along on vacation. These tips will get your next trip off on the right paw!

Making a Zip Line for Your Dog

Making a Zip Line for your Dog

For about $10 you can make a zip line for your dog, keeping him safe and allowing him to have more fun on your next camping trip, cook out, or day at the beach.

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