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2011 Pet Travel Statistics has just released their second annual Summer Pet Travel Survey – and the results are pretty exciting!

Sixty percent of pet owners said they traveled with their pets in 2010 … and 58% said they are planning to travel with their pets during the summer. We’re thrilled so many people are including their pets in their vacation plans!

Unfortunately, 28% of those surveyed found a poor selection of pet friendly hotels to be the most difficult part of traveling with their pets. Perhaps they haven’t found the 24,000+ pet friendly hotels on yet?

Full results of PetRelocation’s survey are below.

Hey! Let’s do our own little survey – please leave a comment below and tell us if you’re planning a trip with your pet this summer and what you find to be the most difficult part of pet travel.

Pet travel infographic

Planning a pet friendly trip of your own? We’ll make it easy:
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    We probably won’t have time to take a vacation this summer, bu tI just wanted to say how pretty this info-graphic is. :o)

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