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4 Legged Kids Make for a Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day … you probably knew that. It’s a bittersweet holiday for me.

I have two children from a previous marriage – a son who is 25 and a daughter who is 21. It was not an amicable divorce, and the kids got hurt in the process. It’s been about a year since I’ve seen my son and about three or four years since I’ve seen or even talked to my daughter. To top it off, I found out last week that I am now a grandfather(!), my daughter having given birth to her own little girl … I learned about this on Facebook.

Just to be clear, I don’t blame my ex or the kids for the lack of contact. I’ve learned to accept that “it is what it is,” that “everything happens for a reason,” and that “time heals all wounds.”

Thankfully and gratefully, Ty and Buster put the father in my Father’s Day. And it’s not a matter of “settling” or taking solace in this circumstance. I don’t wallow in self pity. Ty and Buster are not a second choice.

Ty and Buster are my kids. Along with Amy, I am raising these boys. And they are schooling me – teaching an old dog new tricks, as it were. We love and respect each other for who we are … and who we’re not. For what we are capable of … and what we’re not. We’re blessed to have each other. That is certainly worth celebrating.

Happy Father’s Day to all the guys out there with pets that make them a dad.

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  • K9 Coach says:

    Life is what it is… and we make the best of our mistakes and our victories as we move forward.

    Good thing for the loyal loving dogs in our lives :)

  • John Marton says:

    I definitely consider myself a dad to Emmett and Lucas! Hope you had a nice Father's Day with your boys.

  • Happy Furry Father's Day to you! Sean & I don't have kids BUT he is a furdad :)

  • michelechollow says:

    It is rough. I lost my dad in October and this was the first Father's Day without him. Glad you have Amy and the furboys to cheer you on.

  • Scoop says:

    Awww, thanks for sharing your story Rod. Happy Fathers Day

  • Kim Clune says:

    Glad to hear you had a happy Father's Day!

    While Tim and I made a conscious choice not to have children, raising our four-leggers together has created a treasured sense of family for us too. Our focus has been on rescue which presents it's own challanges from quelling quarelsome interactions, teaching manners, rooting out health issues and studying nutrition… to providing and receiving lots and lots of love. We revel in pride at our kids' achievements and lovingly guide them through their setbacks.

    As you mention, they teach us so much in return. We've learned gobs about responsibility, patience and the neverending possibilities love can provide. My favorite gift from them is how they've taught me to laugh at myself (and them) no matter the circumstance. Nothing is so naughty that it doesn't deserve a good giggle.

    If all this doesn't amount to being a parent, I don't know what does. The only difference from a human child is that we can crate our kids. Oh, and we don't need diapers. :)

    Happy belated Father's Day, Rod!

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