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5 Lessons Learned From Traveling With Pets

Pets are great for teaching us all kinds of lessons, and traveling together provides a unique opportunity for them to share their wisdom on life’s most important facets. These are some of things Buster and Ty have taught us over the miles:

1. Roll With It

When things go a little sideways – and they sometimes will – you can choose to let it ruin your day, or you can choose to see it as a new adventure. Buster and Ty are never attached to the outcome … where we end up, how many places we see along the way … those things are all irrelevant to them. They just want to have fun. If you can embrace that mindset, you’ll see every detour as an opportunity to have a great time.

Buster and Ty at the Pass

2. Slow Down

To a dog, nothing is more important than thoroughly sniffing the tree before them. Rushing Ty and Buster on to the next tree, and the one after that, before they’re finished with the first just frustrates them. When you’re traveling with your pet, plan to take your time. Trade in your scurry for a mosey, and really experience the places you go rather than just checking them off some list.

Ty and Buster at Boston Commons - Boston, MA

3. Joy is Contagious

There is nothing in this world that makes my heart sing like watching my dogs when they’re happy. Buster’s tail swinging in a complete circle as he runs down the beach with a stick, or Ty’s happy smile as he dashes between Rod and me, collecting a treat at each stop. Often times, it’s our obligatory break to stretch the dogs’ legs that ends up being the highlight of our day. It just takes a small shift in awareness to turn a chore into a precious moment.

Buster on the Beach - Cannon Beach, Oregon Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC

4. Be Spontaneous

When something better comes along, Ty and Buster shift on a dime with no regrets. Trade a stick for a stuffy? You bet! Leave your stuffy for a car ride? Well, YEAH! We humans tend to make plans and then treat them like a mandate with no room for deviation. Yet, part of the fun of traveling is seeing what presents itself along the way! Planning is important, but it’s really just a list of suggestions. You can change your mind at any moment with little or no consequence. So if something interesting pops up, add it to your suggestions and see where it falls on the list.

Ty and Buster in Rental Car

5. Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

The boys would never sacrifice an opportunity to be goofy for fear of what other people might think of them. They seem to grasp that laughter is the best medicine, and their comical ways often have us in stitches. Keeping things light and funny can help diffuse a tense situation, and traveling away from home is the perfect time to let your silly side show! Really, what are the chances you’ll ever see these people again?

Ty and Buster - Portland, ME

These are some of Ty and Buster’s best lessons so far, but I’m sure there are oodles more to come! What lessons have your pets taught you about life?

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  • Excellent points, Sonja! If Monte’s leading you to bakeries and fish barbeques, I’d be following him all the time! =D

  • Pets are great teachers of the *really* important things, Michelle. =)

  • Couldn’t agree more! I also find that with a dog you see another perspective. For exmaple smell is not a way I find things. We have let Montecristo lead the way a few times just to see what he smells and discovered fishermen BBQ fish right there in the boat and they share! WE discovered a bakery thanks to his nose…. and with taking photos of him – I also have come to appreciate a different vantage point. One 8 inches off the ground. It is amazing how different Notre Dame in Paris, or the CN tower in Toronto look from wayyyyyy down there!

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