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6 New Pet Blogs We’re Following Since BlogPaws

It’s been almost a month since we were in Columbus to attend BlogPaws 2010, the first-ever pet bloggers conference where bloggers, writers, and companies passionate about pets got together for networking, learning, and fun. Emphasis on networking … learning … and fun! So much so that we’ll be attending BlogPaws 2010 West in Denver this September.

We got to meet a bunch of smart, fun bloggers at the event. Everyone’s background story was inspiring – and compelling. As a result, we’ve expanded our RSS feeds to include several new pet blogs. Here are six of our faves.

Mmmm, bloggie treats!

Boulder Dog by Deborah Flick (@BoulderDog1). Deborah writes a heartfelt blog about life with her 3 year-old standard poodle. Sadie is shy and fearful dog, and Deborah writes with a unique gentleness about the lessons she’s learning in “Sadie’s School for Hapless Humans.” Deborah doesn’t post often, but what she writes is powerful. Read Bonfire of the Insanities to get a flavor.

Champion of My Heart by Roxanne Hawn (@roxannehawn). CMH grew out of Roxanne’s adoption of Lilly, a shy, fearful border collie. While Lilly may not live up to her early agility training potential, she has already won the contest for Roxanne’s heart. And that’s all that matters. Roxanne’s current moral dilemma gives us all food for thought.

Daily Dog Scoop by Lauren Gibbs (@DailyDogScoop). Scoop, a super smart dog loves to read newspapers and surf the Net. Nearly every day, he gathers the best news that dogs can dig (with a little help from Lauren). Sample: How You and Your Dog Can Help with the Gulf Oil Spill. Scoop is also supporting AndASmallDog and GoPetFriendly’s petition to encourage hotels to lift their weight restrictions on dog guests. (Thanks!)

Oh My Dog! by Maggie Marton (@maggiemarton). OMD! is a site for all things dog, including: stories about Maggie’s pups, book and magazine reviews, DIY pet projects, recipes, training tips, and links inspiration, and more! By the way, who do you think is happier – suburban dogs or city dogs?

The Philly Dog by Rebecca Braglio (@thephillydog). Written by Dash and edited by Rebecca, this blog (and related website) celebrates everything dog in the city of doggie love – events, dog parks, rescues, and pet friendly businesses. If you want to know what’s going in in Philly, read Rebecca’a blog. Here’s a recent rescue story. by the cast and crew (@TPPCtv). They woofy woo with “Lookie Lou”, their little cartoon dog mascot, Chachala, the chihuahua, Philomena the MinPin, Sunny the Wonder horse and Mommy and Poppy Peep.  Often comical, always educational and informative, TPPC enjoys the company of the pet community. Take a look yesterday’s post, A Pet’s Ten Commandments.

PS – Routine Winnebago maintenance is done! Looks like we will be leaving for Montreal in the next day or so. At least that’s what we’re thinking now :)

  • thephillydog says:

    awwww thanks for the mention! you're the best!

  • Mary Haight says:

    Hey this is great, Rod! It's always fun to have new blogs to check out – thanks;-)

  • Scoop says:

    Thanks for the wags! We love hearing about your travels, and I think your big dog petition is an awesome project!

  • All great finds – we were lucky to meet a few of these folks at Blog Paws as well.

    By the way, thanks for joining the pet blogger hop!

  • Got some new blog suggestions from you there, thanks!

    And CONGRATULATIONS on your trip to Canada! Really. I've heard that place is the ABSOLUTE SHIZNIT.*

    *Please note: This is a completely unbiased endorsement for Canada, eh.

    • Shiznit … that's the second time I've seen you use that word (in a sentence). So much for context helping you figure out the meaning of a word! Anyhow, looking forward to Canada's scenery, but not its gas prices.

  • deborahflick says:

    Thank you so much! What a delightful surprise that you're following Boulder Dog. Sadie's very happy about that and so am I! You're on my blogroll and I check your blog every day! Also, I added a widget so people can sign the petition to encourage hotels to lift their weight restrictions on dog guests. I'll post about it as well later today.

    Thank you again. I'm honored to be in such esteemed doggie company!

  • michelechollow says:

    There are so many great pet blogs out there. I am following Andrea Arden's.

  • Maggie says:

    Thank you so much for including my blog! I'm honored!

    I really enjoy reading about all of your travels, and I think you're inspiring and educating people on how to vacation with their dogs. Such a valuable resource!

  • lookielou says:

    Thanks so much for following us! We are “following” your travels and blog too! Woofy Woo!

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