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A Dog Friendly Beach Holiday in Newquay, England

Take Paws is a showcase for people having fun with their pets, and sharing YOUR pet travel experiences may be the nudge someone else needs to pack up and head out with their own best friend! Today we’re excited to have Julie Page – all the way from England – sharing her recent pet travel experience.



My trip to Newquay was an unexpected one, really. My brother was planning a weekend away and had rented a log cabin in Newquay for a few days. Two days before his scheduled departure he phoned and said “Julie, we would absolutely love you to come with us.” My heart jumped at the chance … but then it dawned on me, “What about Fudge? I can’t leave him.”

Fudge is my Chocolate Labrador, and I knew my parents would look after him while I was away, but I had this feeling that I just couldn’t leave him – we had never been apart.

I found my suitcase and put it on the bed to start packing, but there was Fudge lying next to the suitcase, looking up at me with his big brown eyes as if to stay “please don’t go.” Well, that did me in – I called my brother and asked if Fudge could come with us, and he was delighted! “Of course he can come, the more the merrier,” he said – so that was that, Fudge was going with us to Newquay.

Fudge in Newquay by Julie Page

Preparing For Our Adventure

Fudge and I had been to the local parks and beaches many times, so I knew he was comfortable with car journeys, but this would be our longest trip – roughly four hours. Panic set in and I wanted to make sure I was planning the trip the right way, so I went online and found some very useful pet travel tips which included:

  • Exercise your dog before you begin your journey.
  • Don’t feed your dog right before you leave, to avoid car sickness.
  • Make sure you have all of your dog’s supplies, food, water etc.
  • Make sure you pack a few chewy toys, to keep your dog occupied.
  • Take lots of stops if you’re going a long distance.
  • Reward your dog once you arrive at your destination.

So I began to pack all of Fudge’s things, and before I knew it he was taking more than me! Luckily I travel light, or I might have ended up on riding on the roof rack!

Taking Off

The morning arrived and we packed the car. Fudge would be sitting near me in the back, secured inside his crate which was lined with puppy pads, just in case of accidents. Next to me was Nathan, my nephew. He was only 5 years old, and he and Fudge always have lots of fun together – causing total chaos wherever they both are. This trip was definitely going to be an adventure for the both of them!

The journey was awesome. We passed through gorgeous countryside and stopped many times at different locations making sure that Fudge had time to relieve himself, drink some water, and stretch his legs a bit. In fact, I was amazed at how fast the time passed. The long trip had worried me, but it shouldn’t have – it went perfectly, and Fudge was as good as gold.

Arriving in Newquay

We arrived at our log cabin, and it was stunning. We had our own little garden, which was perfect for Fudge, and as soon as we got there he bolted around the place in delight – tail up and wagging as if he knew he was on holiday. We quickly unpacked, as none of us could wait for highlight of the weekend, which was seeing Newquay.

Fudge in Newquay by Julie Page

I had been to Cornwall before, and I knew it was very dog friendly, with most restaurants, pubs, and hotels accepting dogs. But this was my first time to Newquay, and it is truly the jewel in Cornwall’s crown. The beaches are superb, and if you’re a surfer, this area is a must! Newquay has been the top destination for surfers in the UK for over 40 years, and Fistral Beach is known as the best beach in the UK for surfers.

The atmosphere here is so laid back you wouldn’t believe it. They’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and who can blame them for being so happy – they live in an amazingly beautiful place. Newquay has seven miles of pristine sandy beaches, so it’s perfect for a relaxing family holiday. You could visit a different beach everyday of the week and never run out of things to see and do.

Beaches, Shopping, and Eateries

Fudge loved the beaches, the clear waters, and the soft, golden sand that was so warm under foot, it felt as though we were on a tropical island. The amazing light was one of the first things that struck me about Newquay, and it’s clear why so many artists flock here to paint.

All the beaches in Newquay are all dog friendly, and we spent hours just playing on the sand and running along the beaches fetching sticks. Fudge loved every minute of it, and it was a joy to see him have so much fun.

Fudge in Newquay by Julie Page

Shopping in Newquay was no disappointment either! The town has a great upbeat vibe, and the shops are stocked with unusual and quirky items. The town is so dog friendly that Fudge was able to join in our shopping adventures. And, although Newquay is trendy, it still has that family feel where everyone is welcome.

When it comes to food and drink, the options are terrific. You can choose from fine dining in restaurants owned by world-renowned chefs, or if you’re more traditional, there’s also good old fashioned fish and chips and Cornish pasty. I can tell you there’s nothing quite like sitting down after a busy day eating your fish and chips, gazing at the sun setting into the sea, and watching the night surfers.

We also enjoyed a Cornish cream tea – it’s a necessity in Cornwall, after all! It was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever tasted, and yes, Fudge did have a taste too!

Fudge in Newquay by Julie Page

One of the main things I noticed in Newquay was everyone’s love of dogs – they are so truly welcome here, and it’s a wonderful thing. The cafés and restaurants even have water and bowls outside so you can offer your dog refreshments as you continue your adventures.

Another highlight of the trip was Newquay’s parks and gardens. The smell of blooming flowers was everywhere, and dogs are very welcome to stroll around them, too. If you want to get away from it all, there’s nothing nicer than sitting on the grass in a park listening to the birds singing, and spending time with your best friend.

Before we knew it, it was our last evening in Newquay. We were watching the late night surfers on Fistral Beach, eating our fish and chips (again), and the sun was dipping into the sea. It had been a gorgeous day, and we were all completely relaxed – just like the locals. Suddenly, a huge fireworks began in the distance! It was spectacular – you’ve never seen a display like it. And Fudge was fine – he had never been outside with fireworks before, but he wasn’t afraid at all.

Memories Last Forever

Looking down at Fudge as the fireworks ended and seeing his tail wagging in delight, I thought, “I am so glad I brought him with me. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without him, and I’ll cherish these memories forever.”

Fudge in Newquay by Julie Page

I knew at this was going to be the first of many adventures together, and what could be better than traveling with your best friends? Newquay was our first trip together, but definitely not the last!

About the Author: Julie Page first grew to love writing about pets and the pet industry in 2012 while penning a blog for a Canadian based company. She discovered a lack of informative dog name websites while researching cute puppy names, and her passion lead her to found and When Julie isn’t writing she is on an adventure – or plotting her next one.

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