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A Dog Friendly Walk in Nolde Forest

Last travel season was all about the spectacular destinations  … from Durango up the Rocky Mountains, across the Canadian border, through Banff and Lake Louise, all the way to Jasper. Perhaps you’ve noticed that this travel season has been a little different. We haven’t been posting as many pet friendly destination guides, because this travel season has been all about the people. We’ve visited friends and family from Texas to New York, and everywhere in between!

A Dog Friendly Walk at Nolde Forest - Reading, PAOf course, that doesn’t mean that Ty and Buster are being neglected! They’re still getting all their walks. There are still plenty of squirrels to pester and more than enough of p-mail to check. We just haven’t been going many places that are picturesque or feel post worthy. So, between family visits and sorting sessions at our former storage unit in Reading, we finally got out to see Nolde Forest – a spot that’s been on my list for years!

Nolde Forest covers 665 acres of deciduous and coniferous woodland. What’s amazing is that, when Jacob Nolde acquired the property in the early 1900’s, there was one tree growing here. Not one type of tree, not one species of tree … one tree. A single white pine that inspired this hosiery mogul to plant a forest. Looking around now, you’d never guess that this land wasn’t always shaded by these huge timbers. It’s a testament to what one person can accomplish. I only hope my vision for GoPetFriendly is as successful as Jacob’s was for his forest.

Dog Friendly Nolde Forest - Reading, PA Dog Friendly Nolde Forest - Reading, PA Dog Friendly Nolde Forest - Reading, PA

In 1926, Hans Nolde (one of Jacob’s son’s) began construction of the beautiful Tudor-style mansion which now serves as an education center and houses the park’s offices.

Dog Friendly Nolde Forest - Reading, PA Dog Friendly Nolde Forest - Reading, PA Dog Friendly Nolde Forest - Reading, PA Dog Friendly Nolde Forest - Reading, PA

Trails spiderweb through the forest, and dogs are welcome to join you on all of them. Grab a leash and check out North Pond, explore the old sawmill, and see if you can spot a few residents of the Painted Turtle Pond.

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  • I think you’ll enjoy it, Lori. The trails are nice and quiet and there are a lot of routes to choose from.

  • LR Cohen says:

    I will check this out next time I’m in PA– a state I love and have people to visit!

  • It’s a really overlooked place, Jodi – I’d never heard of it and Rod and I have been going to Reading to visit his family for almost 15 years! If you do get down that way, it’s definitely worth a stop.

  • Considering Rod grew up there and this was his first trip to see the forest, I guess you could say it’s often overlooked, Pamela!

  • I have never heard of it, but if I ever get down that way, I’ll make sure to check it out!!

  • How lovely! I’ve been to Reading many times but never heard of Nolde forest.

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