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A Pet Friendly Day in Santa Fe

“New Mexico is really pet friendly!”  I’ve heard that dozens of times, and I was anxious to see for myself. About two weeks ago, we and the dogs headed south from Colorado and I crossed into New Mexico for the first time in my life. I was not disappointed.

The Philmont Boy Scout Ranch was our first stop. Some forty years ago Rod took a three-week trip with his troop from Pennsylvania to hike and camp at Philmont. It was great re-living those memories with him, even if his ego was a little dented when we discovered camping gear from his era in the museum!

Vintage Camping Gear

Vintage Camping Gear

We took the scenic route through Cimarron Canyon to Taos and spent the afternoon walking around the Plaza, enjoying lunch on the pet-friendly patio at the Bent Street Cafe & Deli, and making friends at the local pet supply store, Puss ‘n Pooch.

Cimarron Canyon, New Mexico

Cimarron Canyon, New Mexico

And then we got to Santa Fe. Immediately the origins of the pet friendly heralds became apparent!

Dog Under Bench in Santa Fe, NM

Relaxing Under A Bench in Santa Fe, NM

Doggy in the Window - Santa Fe, NM

Doggy in Shop Window – Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe is very walkable and bursting with history, architecture, and art. It’s the perfect kind of place to see with your dog – and dogs were out in force!

Dog Shopping in Santa Fe, NM

Dog Shopping in Santa Fe, NM

Pups Waiting Patiently in Santa Fe, NM

Pups Waiting Patiently in Santa Fe, NM

And that’s all I’m going to tell you about the super-pet-friendly Santa Fe.

Well, that’s not exactly true …

Though only one of us is a baby boomer (and he shall remain nameless :-)), we were invited by Donna Hull to guest post on her blog, My Itchy Travel Feet – The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel. Santa Fe felt like a perfect fit for her readers, so jump over and read about our pet friendly day in Santa Fe!

Burro on Burro Alley - Santa Fe, NM

Befriending a Burro on Burro Alley


It took four long years, but we finally got back to do a little more sniffing around Santa Fe. Read about our most recent pet friendly finds here!

Reaching the Heights of Pet Travel in Dog Friendly Santa Fe, NM

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  • That’s fantastic, Debi! We hear so many stories of things going the other way – especially with pitties. I’m delighted to hear that the folks at the UFO Museum are welcoming of all dogs. Thanks so much for your note, and waggin’ trails to you and your girl.

  • I was recently in Roswell, New Mexico…. I HAD to go to the International UFO Museum and Research Center….. they said dogs were welcome to come in. I have an 87 pound pitbull…. usually “dog friendly” doesn’t include her…. The museum staff treated her like a princess, gave her 3 cookies and a toy stuffed alien to gnaw on…. which lasted a few seconds….

  • Hi, just a question, is “The Plaza” not in Santa Fe?

  • We’re headed to Santa Fe today with Hunter. He should have a great time with us.

  • Melspetpals says:

    Wow. Santa Fe looks like my kind of town. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another town with that many dogs out and about. Have you visited another city that you would compare in terms of dog-friendly? It looks lovely. I also noticed it was lacking in snow coverage (sigh).

    • You’re right, Mel, there was not a flake of snow to be found anywhere! =) I’d say that Santa Fe rivaled Aspen for the most dogs we saw around town. It was fantastic! It’s definitely a great place to spend a long weekend.

    • Joan and Bentley says:

      Go to Savannah GA!!! Most pet-friendly town on the planet. Be sure to stay at the Thunderbird Motel. They cater to those of us who travel with their pets. Park your car and leave it there. You can walk everywhere from the T-bird!

  • Hi Jill! Please pass on our congratulations to Jack for being named the first Doggie Governor of New Mexico – that’s quite an accomplishment!

    We’ll definitely follow Jack’s adventures, and I hope we can meet up the next time we make it to New Mexico.

  • Peggy Frezon says:

    Fun to see dogs inside, outside, and everywhere!

  • carpenters in essex says:

    Mexico has been a tourist country to everyone. I have a phobia on dogs. That is why, when I see a dog coming towards me, or just even met a dog. I quickly avoid them. Though dogs are man’s best friend but still they are harmful if not trained.

    • Jill says:

      Slight correction. Santa Fe is in NEW Mexico, which is part of the 50 US states. This is a common misconception due to the similarity of names…but we are one of the 50..although we are commonly referred to as “One of the 50 is Missing”…a monthly article in New Mexico Magazine. Check it out! And come check us out too! NO passport required!

  • I was going to be totally rude and make some kind of comment with “ass” worked in someplace, but I’ll be nice instead :) Santa Fe looks lovely right about now. I am so sick of winter and anywhere that I can bring the Petite Flower is my kind of place!

    • LOL! Never feel like you have to hold back here, Karen. We love your humor. And, I’m sorry that it’s STILL winter where you are. Perhaps it’s time you guys packed up and took Jersey for a ROAD TRIP!! :-)

  • Sarah says:

    All these sun-shiney pictures are making me wish summer would hurry up and get here!

    I could use some New Mexico in my life right about now.

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