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GoPetFriendly’s Manifesto

The GoPetFriendly manifesto is to shift our society’s consciousness from an overall attitude of “pet tolerance” to one that openly embraces and welcomes pets in all aspects of our lives.

Our pets are our partners, our friends, and our companions. We have accepted responsibility for their care, and that care includes providing opportunities for them to reach their highest potential. Training, socialization, affection, and exercise (both physical and mental) are basic requirements for pets throughout their lives. Simply including our pets in our day-to-day activities can meet those requirements and, at the same time, develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

We have a right to experience our lives with our pets, and options must be made available to take our pets with us wherever we desire. Of course, just as we deserve to include our pets, there are people who prefer not to have our animals foisted upon them, and pet owners must take care to minimize the imposition on others, within reason.

We will focus our efforts in the areas of pet travel, dining at restaurants, and leisure activities in the US and Canada. To educate and challenge others to re-examine their “it’s just a dog/cat” beliefs, we will lead by extreme example – leaving behind a more conventional way of life to travel full-time with our dogs. We will blog about our experiences and use social media and traditional public relations strategies to advocate for more pet access, the removal of weight and breed restrictions, and the support of business that have chosen to be pet-friendly.

To assist others in adopting a pet-friendly lifestyle, we will continue providing a free, up-to-date, easy-to-use website that helps users locate travel accommodations, restaurants, and activities that they can enjoy with their pets. The website will also include resources (veterinarians, pet supply stores, pet sitters and boarding facilities) to help resolve pet-related issues that may be encountered when traveling. We are committed to adding as many locations as we can find, to provide our users with as many options as possible and to be the most complete pet travel resource on the Internet. Logo