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Team GoPetFriendly – An Unlikely Crew

Twelve years ago today I first laid eyes on my dear husband. I was immediately smitten … he took a little more convincing. After all, we’re pretty much complete opposites.

Rod and Amy

Some of our differences were exposed a while back when I talked about our travel predilections, but it goes even deeper.

I’m the kind of girl that opens a box, throws away the instructions, and starts putting things together. Rod reads the instructions twice, lays out the pieces in the order they’ll be assembled, and then reads the instructions one more time before getting started. I’ve always believed that jumping in and figuring things out as you go is the best method. Rod wants to carefully research all the possibilities and their potential outcomes before he makes a move.

So, is it any surprise we ended up with two dogs that don’t have a single thing in common? For example …

Ty has a little ears and a short, wrinkly face that squishes up when he’s all comfy.

Ty's Squishy Face

 Buster has huge ears and a long, thin, face that gives him a distinguished air.

Buster's Eyes

Ty would follow anyone home … as long as she had treats in her pocket.

Ty with Jessie

Buster hardly ever takes his eyes off me.

Buster Watching Me

Ty will go to whatever lengths necessary to keep his paws dry.

Rod Carrying Ty Over Creek

Buster thinks water is fun!

Buster Biting Fountain

When we mention exercise, Ty hides in his bed.

Ty under Pillow

Buster, on the other hand, is always ready to go.

Buster Hiking

Ty’s personality leans towards the snarky. While Buster is always happy-go-lucky.

Buster and Ty in Washington, DC

We may be an unlikely crew … but our differences make us better. Each of us brings good qualities to the table and helps the others appreciate characteristics that aren’t intrinsically within them. Balance, tolerance, and compromise are the ways we show our love for each other. And, while you may not guess that we’d fit perfectly together, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Independence Pass on Continental Divide

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