Pet Travel. Made Easy.

And We’re Off!

We’ll, it looks like today is the day we officially start our GoPetFriendly On the Go with Winnebago campaign. I told a few friends, and was tweeting earlier this week, that I thought we would be ready to leave on Friday or Saturday. For those of you who know Amy, of course that meant Friday! :)

We’ve previously posted some exterior photos of our wrapped Winnebago View. There was even a video of the wrapping process on our Facebook page. Friends have also asked to see some interior pictures … check out the shots at the end of this post.

Where are we going? Well, we’re not exactly sure. Our plan is not to have a plan. I can say that, after an overnight visit with my mom in Reading, PA, we are heading SOUTH! Our only scheduled stop for this trek is Columbus, OH on April 9-10 for BlogPaws. We hope you’ll read along here at Take Paws to follow our adventures.

So whether you see us coming …

or going …

please cheer us on with a pet friendly honk or thumbs up. Because that’s the way we roll!

Interior photos

View from the back (notice bed overhead)

The kitchen

Dining room - Office (and second monitor)

The conference couch

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  • UGH, still jealous especially after seeing the interior of the Winnebago! Have fun & be safe, I'll be reading!

  • You're finally on the go with your Winnebago, that's awesome. I can't wait to hear about all the shenanigans that Buster, Ty, you and Amy get into during your first trek in your 'bago.

    Love the pics of the interior, it looks quite comfy. Did you throw the “second monitor” pic and caption just to tease everyone? :/

    Be good and have fun!

    • It is 10:50 pm and we're just sitting down to take care of internet business. Amy said, “Well, we made it through our first day.” Buster is going bonkers because he's not sure what's going on. When you don't have a lot of space, you don't need a 70 lb dog chasing his tail. Still … better than being in the office.

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