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Boats on the Shore - Beaufort, NC

Visiting Pet Friendly Beaufort

The beach is a great place to travel with dogs and Beaufort, North Carolina is a pet friendly beach town just a short drive from the beaches of the Outer Banks.

Kids with dog in the car

Building Forts With Milo

Dogs can suffer from motion sickness making travel uncomfortable for everyone. This family had a creative solution to keep their dog from getting sick in the car.

Mary's Dog - Sedona, AZ

Pet Travelers Visit Sedona, Arizona

Sedona took our breath away last spring, and it's always nice to see if a fellow pet traveler shares our opinion. Today's guest post gives Sedona another look.

Lake Hollywood Park - Los Angeles, CA

Dog Friendly Fun In LA

Los Angeles may be the perfect pet travel destination! Year-round great weather, dozens of dog parks, beautiful beaches and a pet friendly atmosphere await you.

Emmy and Maggie

Pet Travel – Hamster Syle

Dogs are the most common pet travelers, but cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles, guinea pigs, ferrets, and hamsters can also traveling. Today we go along for an adventure with a hamster.