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Choosing the Right Cooling Vest for Your Dog |

Choosing the Right Dog Cooling Vest

A dog cooling vest will help protect your pup from the heat and allow you to enjoy more activities together! Get out thoughts on three propular options.

Try Cabin Camping with Your Pets |

Try Cabin Camping with Your Pets

The accommodations you choose for your pet friendly trip add a lot to the experience, and that's certainly the case when you're cabin camping! These ideas and tips will get you thinking about how a camping cabin might work into your next trip.

Rattlesnake Training for Dogs: The 411 on Snake Avoidance |

Rattlesnake Training for Dogs: The 411 on Snake Avoidance

If you live or hike in an area prone to rattlesnakes, training your dogs to avoid them could save their lives! We found a trainer in Tucson that uses postive reinforcement to teach dogs to avoid snakes, and have advice for finding a trainer in your area.

Dog-Friendly Hiking Near Chicago |

Dog-Friendly Hiking Near Chicago

Dog owners know that exercise is the key to a happy dog and an intact home! Lucky for Bailey, I love hiking. And over the years, we found some of the best dog-friendly hikes spots in the Chicago area. These are some of our favorites!

Traveling with Your Dog to Mexico |

Traveling To Mexico With Your Dog

Your first stop when planning a trip to Mexico with your dog should be your veterinarian’s office. Read more about what your dog needs to enter mexico.

Five Dog-Friendly Hikes Near Tucson

Five Dog-Friendly Hikes Near Tucson

Southern Arizona is known for great hiking trails, but surprisingly few of them are dog-friendly. After months of research and hiking, we've rounded up five dog-friendly hikes near Tucson, plus bonus info on dog-friendly places to grab a bite after your hike!