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Jiffy Ty

We’re thinking of opening a chain. All Ty needs is one of those blue long sleeve shirts, an oval patch with his name on it, and a tat.

Meet Mary-Alice, aka Dog Jaunt

This is the 6th post in our ongoing series about people who travel with their pets. We interview people whose lifestyle allows them to spend A LOT of time on the road with their furry folk.

The Windmills of Your Mind

I love windmills. So when we were driving through Iowa at the end this week, visiting the people at Winnebago who made our RV possible, all I could think of was the song, The Windmills of Your Mind.

Is Your Pet Food Human Grade?

Only products made in a plant that produces human foods can be legally labeled “human grade.” Some pet food companies claim that their products are “human quality” or “table grade,” but these terms have no legal definitions.

Taking a Licking

Ty is doing battle with an almost empty yogurt container. It’s hard to tell who’s winning!


Came across this during our recent visit to Yellowstone National Park