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Meet Mary-Alice, aka Dog Jaunt

This is the 6th post in our ongoing series about people who travel with their pets. We interview people whose lifestyle allows them to spend A LOT of time on the road with their furry folk.

Is Your Pet Food Human Grade?

Only products made in a plant that produces human foods can be legally labeled “human grade.” Some pet food companies claim that their products are “human quality” or “table grade,” but these terms have no legal definitions.

Crazy Horse Memorial - South Dakota

The Black Hills / Custer State Park

With breath-taking drives and hiking trails, Custer State Park and the surrounding Black Hills is a must-see pet friendly vacation destination in South Dakota.

Meet Karen Feld

I would like to introduce Karen Feld, a Washington DC-based journalist specializing in political personalities, and her two poodle companions, Campari and Biscotti.

The Corn Palace

Yes, the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD is (small) pet friendly. Each summer, the Corn Palace is stripped and redecorated with fresh crops. An a-maize-ing attraction.

The Badlands, SD

Sioux Falls and The Badlands

Not a tourist mecca, Sioux Falls is a very dog friendly city! The Badlands park doesn't allow dogs on the trails - still, the scenery makes it worth a visit!

Pet Friendly Cities – And the Survey Says

We’ve all seen surveys listing the most pet friendly cities in the US. Who performs these surveys? What makes a city pet friendly - what criteria are judged? Is there a MOST pet friendly city?