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Bamboo Disposable Waste Bags & Dispenser

3 Paw Prints

GPF rating = 3 paws

At BlogPaws 2010, attendees received a sample package of Bamboo®‘s new waste bag dispenser and bags. GoPetFriendly has been using – and liking – the product so much, we decided to write a review. Why? Because the value of a great dispenser and poop bags cannot be poo-pooed.

Here’s what we like

By far, the best feature of the dispenser is its unique hook-on design that allows it to attach easily to a any leash, bag, pack, or belt loop.

The disposable bags are the largest we’ve seen and, thus, perfect for large breed dogs (if you know what i mean!).

Because of their treatment with Arm & Hammer® Baking Soda, the bags have an odor minimizing scent.

We’ve got one suggestion

We wished the dispenser worked with all types of replacement bags. We had a supply of “standard” run-of-the-mill replacement bags that are a smidgen too large to fit inside the Bamboo dispenser.

Other Information

The dispenser and replacement bags are generally available where you buy your pet supplies nationwide.  The dispenser, which includes one extra roll of disposable bags, retails for $6.99. The replacement bags come in 3-packs and 6 packs and cost $4.99 and $9.99, respectively. Bamboo® is the pet care division of Munchkin, Inc.

To read GoPetFriendly’s product disclosure statement, click here.

  • Unless I missed it on the site, the bags appear not to be degradable or biodegradable. To me in eco-aware 2010, degradable doggy bags are a no brainer, and stating such should be plastered all over the bags and company literature, a clear marketing advantage imo.

    Right now I'm using doo-n-go bags which use completely degradable plastic versus biodegradable plastics. The advantage of degradable over biodegradable is they break down independant of whether or not they are in a “biologically active” environment.

  • Mary-Alice and Edie – Thanks for weighing in with your thoughts. I guess different strokes for different folks, as they say. We are constantly moving the dog bag holder from leash to bag to some resting place in the RV and the looped handle is THE best feature … for us. I know both of you have small dogs so I can see where the large-size bags could be overkill. As far as the scented bags are concerned, we've been staying/hiking at many state parks that don't have trash facilities (budget cuts?). So if we have to carry the poop out, along with our other trash, it is much nicer to smell the scented bag. I let Bamboo know that this product review had been posted. Perhaps they will read your comments and offer an unscented bag in the future so as to appeal to all potential users. Again, thanks for your opinions!

  • EdieJ says:

    I love that you're doing product reviews, but I've got to agree with Mary-Alice, both on the clunkiness of attachment and on the overpowering scent. I'm perfume-sensitive – can't read magazines that have scented ads in them — and I had to give the bags away because they caused an instant allergy response.

    And of course Frankie's poop doesn't smell.

  • Usually our hearts beat as one, but here's the one place they don't — I totally appreciated the free swag, but I thought the holder was clunky, the bags were too big (not a fair complaint, really, because not everyone has a small dog) and dear God, the perfumed smell of them! I'd rather smell poop any day….

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