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BarkWorld Swag Giveaway

There are many, many, many things to love about living in an RV, but there is also the small drawback that we have limited amounts of storage space. The good news is that my space challenge is about to become your opportunity!

The bag of swag that BarkWorld attendees received this year was off the charts and, while I’d like to hoard it all away, there’s just no room in the Winnebago. So, are you feeling lucky?

BarkWorld Swag Giveaway

We’re giving away this entire pile of toys, treats, books and gear – just enter below and keep your fingers and paws crossed. Even if your pets don’t love these goodies, your local animal shelter would love to have them, so good luck!

BarkWorld Swag Giveaway

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  • I hope Harvey’s feeling better, Marsha! Give him some belly rubs from us! <3

  • I absolutely thought BarkWorld was worth the trip and the time, Ruby. I learned a lot – things that will make me more efficient, and help my blog grow. It was the best pet industry conference I’ve been to.

  • Really wonderful items. Dog only knows looks like an interesting read. Thanks for the great giveaway �

  • Thanks for the cool giveaway! Daisy and Gus are crossing their paws :)

  • Great holiday gifts to surprise my pet sitting clients with, after my own dogs get 1st dibs, of course!!!

  • My clan…..and of course myself. …would love this bag of goodies. Thx so much

  • Harvey could use a get well treat after his ear surgery! ��

  • Ooh that Zen Dog book caught my eye! Was BarkWorld worth the adventure? First year I have heard about it.

  • Amen, Linda! I’m always picking up after other people’s dogs, too. It’s so disappointing that so many people are so irresponsible.

  • It has been the same place in the past, but I heard a rumor that they may be moving it next year, Sherri. Hopefully, they’ll make an annoucement soon.

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