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Bionic Stuffer: Best Pet Travel Gear of 2012

We’re thrilled to present the first annual Best Pet Travel Gear awards!

Traveling full-time with Ty and Buster has led to a serious case of gear addiction. We’re always on the lookout for products that make being on the road with the boys easier and more fun. Some things stick, some don’t. And some we can’t live without.

So, what does it take to impress us? To make the cut a product must be easy to use, durable, a good value for the money, and somehow improve our pet travel experience. We’ve put them through their paces – gotten them dirty and slobbery – to see how well they hold up. Only the best of the best can withstand the abuse and they deserve the accolades.

With Labor Day just a week away, join us as we send summer out with a bang! Every day this week we’ll announce another recipient of our Best Pet Travel Gear 2012 award – and give you the chance to win! We’re kicking off the extravaganza with a tough toy that Buster and Ty are crazy about.

Bionic Toys

Bionic StufferA good, versatile toy is a must for any pet traveler and our dogs love the Bionic Stuffer®. Reading about how these rubber toys are made sounds like science fiction with the cross-linked molecules that make it flexible, bouncy and virtually indestructible. What matters most to our dogs is that it’s fun to chase, it floats, and it can be stuffed for indoor play with small treats or a good kibble, like Spring Naturals. We humans love that it’s dishwasher safe, made from non-toxic FDA food-grade materials, and is 100% recyclable! Ours still looks like new – $20 for a toy this durable is a bargain.

Bionic Pet Products

I’m so fast, I’m blurry!

Bionic Pet Products

Wow, fetching my Stuffer makes me tired.

Your Chance To Win

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to the winners: Briana Koza, Melinda Lee and Sarah Lund!

Come back every day this week to win more of the Best Pet Travel Gear!

Disclosure: We received a free Bionic Stuffer® to try. The opinions expressed here are my honest assessment of the product based on my personal experience using it. Matrix Partners will be sending the free toys and treats to the winners of this contest.

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  • Enzo loves toys that he can chew and can be stuffed with treats.

  • He’s not picky, as long as it bounces and floating is nice, too! I’ve never seen a dog so intent on destroying things, but I think he views it as some sort of important job that needs to be done.

  • If there’s a toy that can withstand Kuster’s chewing, I’ll be impressed like crazy! Do they make a bionic bed? He killed another one of those this weekend, too. *sigh*

  • This toy sounds awesome. I am tempted to buy one even if I don’t win, just to test their indestructible guarantee. Words like that are practically a direct challenge!

  • Oh boy. Fingers crossed!

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