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Blog the Change – Be Smart Ride Safe

Be Smart Ride Safe BadgeToday is the second Blog the Change day being championed by Be the Change for Animals. These days provide an opportunity to rally people around the “pet cause” that is nearest and dearest to their hearts.

Pet Related Cause

As you know, we spend a lot of time traveling – far more that your average family. You also know we’re big proponents of properly securing pets in a vehicle. So, when we came across this pledge, it was a perfect fit.

Bark Buckle UP is on a mission to inform pet owners about the dangers of unrestrained pets in vehicles. The Be Smart Ride Safe pledge allows people to commit to using proper restraints – for the safety of their pets, humans in the vehicle with them, and first responders saving lives at accident scenes.

Why Does This Cause Matter

There are few people that would drive around with a child in their vehicle unrestrained, however statistics show that only 15% of pet owners properly restrain their pet. If you are in the majority on this one, please consider the following:

  • Pet travel has increased 300% since 2005 (GPF Note: YEA!)
  • Driver distraction is common when unrestrained pets are inside a vehicle
  • A 60-pound pet can cause an impact of 2,700 pounds, even when moving at only 35 mph
  • Unrestrained pets in vehicles can delay emergency workers’ access to human occupants
  • Pets escaping a vehicle post-accident could cause another accident,  get lost, or be struck by a vehicle
  • Injured pets may bite rescue workers or others who are trying to help

What You Can Do

We’d like to know that on all the travels we’re hoping you to take, you and your pets are safe. Please…

Thank you so much!

The beauty of Blog the Change Days is the sense of community and goodwill it can inspire among like-minded pet lovers. Click the links below to learn about the causes that drive these bloggers.

  • Ron Petersen says:

    Always be a defensive driver and ride safe to avoid accidents that may cost you financial and legal troubles.

  • Mesa Injury says:

    I always put people and then pet’s safety first. I took the pledge!

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  • Petpaloozausa says:

    Excellent post, keep up the good work!

  • That's fantastic, Sarah! You made my day.

  • Deborah Flick says:

    I took the pledge! Great post and cause. :-)

  • The Road Dogs says:

    Great reminder! Thanks so much for sponsoring these Blog the Change Days! Love them!

    The Road Dogs

  • Sarah says:

    I have to confess – I don't restrain my dogs at all in the car. But I pledge to investigate harnesses for my dogs, now! Thanks for the information!

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