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Blog the Change – Henri & the Bee

We love participating in the quarterly Blog the Change events hosted by, and we’re especially excited to highlight causes that incorporate pet travel in some way. So, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Henri & the Bee, a children’s book in which Henri, a golden retriever puppy, dreams of traveling across the country accompanied by a helpful bee.

Image of Book

The story was written by Katherine Anne Lea, a 5th grader at Frontier Valley Elementary School in Parker, CO and her father, Jeffrey Lea. Though the book, they encourage fellow travelers to follow their dreams and savor life’s moments along the way – a lesson I’m learning myself!


Here's Henri!

The real-life golden retriever puppy, “Henri” lives with Sunita Voleppe, the illustrator of the book. Sunita says Henri like to eat, play, and chew on things he shouldn’t. Sounds like typical puppy behavior to me. :-)

All proceeds from the sale of the book, available in both hard cover ($45) and soft cover ($32), are being donated to the charity of the purchaser’s choosing. Currently on the list of sponsored charities are Frontier Valley Elementary School, Spondylitis Association of America, Mather Elementary School and Dumb Friends League of Colorado. Additional charities can easily be submitted on the website.

If you’d like to follow Henri across the country and though the seasons, consider the 13-month calendar ($12.00).

Image of Calendar

Note to all pets that read our blog: Although Henri travels across the country with help from a bee, we don’t encourage you to travel without your people. It’s not safe and would cause those who love you to worry a lot. What you should do is hop in the car, fasten your seat belt, and create as much ruckus as you can until your people agree to take you on a road trip.

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  • Guinea Pig Hutch says:

    It is truly admirable when children do something above and beyond what we expect. This is definitely something I’ll support!

  • Melspetpals says:

    LOL! I loved your last comments to the pets.
    Both Henri and the book look adorable! What a good cause!

  • Lavi says:

    This is a nice idea and I'm sure children will enjoy the book too and also learn more about pets. Thanks for sharing this.

  • CindyLu says:

    Point taken about making that ruckus! BOL
    This looks like a fantastic book, and of course you can’t beat one that sends the funds to our favorite causes! I love this idea!

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