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Blogiversary – Four Years of GoPetFriendly

Cupcake 4As I turn the calendar to June each year, somehow I’m always surprised to find that it’s time to mark another anniversary of launching GoPetFriendly. This idea, concocted from pure desperation during a four-week road trip with Ty and Buster, has been pulling and pushing, twisting and stretching me for one-tenth of my life.

Longer than it took me to learn to walk, talk, and feed myself … longer than those awkward high school years … longer than my first marriage. I’ve learned more, grown more, and never been more happy as I have in these past four years. Looking back, I couldn’t be more grateful.

When we started down this path four years ago we met some other folks who were just finding their way into blogging, too. They became some of my best friends – they’ve pulled me along through the tough times and celebrated the successes. They’ve been there since the beginning and I don’t thank them enough, so I want to make today about them …

Kim blogging at This One Wild Life – her connection to nature and the videos she produces are matched only by her supurb sense of humor.

Pamela blogging at Something Wagging This Way Comes – the wisest among us, she always comes from the heart.

Mary-Alice blogging at Dog Jaunt – my compatriot in pet travel! She’s dedicated beyond belief to the cause.

Edie blogging at Freud’s Butcher – eloquent and well-researched – she’s a true professional. Reading Edie’s blog is not only interesting and entertaining, it make me a better writer.

Karen blogging at Doggie Stylish – she’s on top of everything – the whirling dervish of blogging … with a humdinger thrown in now and then for good measure.

Carrie blogging at Tales and Tails – two Greyhounds and two German Shepherds makes for plenty of great material, but her photography will break your heart … because you’ll never be that good.

Mel blogging at No Dog About It – she’ll make a point, take a stand, and fight for what’s right, because no one loves dogs more than Mel.

Mary blogging at Dancing Dog Blog – she wades into the controversial topics with a diligence and dedication that challenges, stretches, and makes us better people.

Maggie blogging at Oh My Dog! – Maggie is an inspiration. She loves three dogs – each with their own challenges, kicked cancer’s butt, and is now off on a great adventure in Louisiana. She’s spitfire and grace, personified.

Thank you, ladies, for all you’ve shared with me over the past four years. I wouldn’t be here without you!

And, thanks to you – our readers, friends we’ve made in person and though the Internet over the years, Facebook and Twitter communities, and new friends on Google+ and Instagram. Without you, none of what we do would matter. That you enjoying traveling vicariously with us brings me more joy than you can imagine.

Here’s to another great year for us all! Waggin’ trails!

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  • Thank you, Maggie! Yes, that’s one of my favorite memories too and we wouldn’t be where we are without the friends who have helped move us along all these years. I hope you and the boys are settling in – we’ll definitely have to get together again soon.

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