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Blogiversary Number Three

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Birthday Cupcake Three CandlesNo cliche describes our lives better than that one. And yet, I’m perplexed by a kind of time warp. On one hand, it doesn’t seem possible that it’s already been three years since we launched And, on the other hand, it’s difficult to fathom how we’ve managed to make so many friends, go so many places, and do so much in such a short period of time. It’s a conundrum.

What is clear is that these three years have given us a lot to celebrate. The blog has grown into the encyclopedia of pet travel information that I hoped it would. is the go-to resource for many people planning pet friendly trips. Our communities on Facebook and Twitter are flourishing. Ty and Buster are happy, healthy, and possibly a bit better behaved than when we started. And Rod and I have grow individually and together as we’ve learned to navigate this new way of life.

We’ve been lavishly blessed, and I’m grateful and humbled by it all.

To get the next year started off right – and just in time for summer vacation planning – we’ve given a whole new look!

New Home Page


The re-design of the blog back in December made the website look like it was being neglected, so we decided to incorporate the new, clean layout there too. The most exciting changes took place on the Road Trip Planner, which has been streamlined and is a lot more intuitive to use.

New Road Trip Planner


We’ve got big things planned for the next year … including new features for the website that will make it EVEN EASIER to plan your trips and more fun from the road as we tour New England and Nova Scotia. We know that none of this would mean anything without you. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey – and fasten your seatbelt for another great year!

Planning a pet friendly trip of your own? We’ll make it easy:
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  • Sorry I’m a little “behind” on the wishes, but Happy Anniversary!!

  • Happy 3rd blogiversary! The new design is so snazzy and I just adore the road trip planner. It’s been a pleasure watching you grow and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. You rock! :)

  • Congratulations on the milestone! Love the clean look of the website and seeing the travel planner out of beta. Three weeks ago I decided to feature Go Pet Friendly while I was posting from vacation. I had no idea you would be showing off the refurbished site at the same time. The universe has spoken!Wishing you many great adventures on the road. Look forward to reading all about them.

  • Hilary Lane says:

    It is truly amazing what Amy and Rod do!

  • Dog Jaunt says:

    Congratulations, my friends! Chloe and I are cheering you on!!!

  • Kim Clune says:

    Congrats on your birthday AND your new birthday website launch! I love the new design and the improved Road Trip Planner. Wow, does that look sweet! Mostly, I’m just happy to be along for the exciting virtual ride and looking forward to The Big Park! I can’t believe my house is going to be a GoPetFriendly destination. Talk about COOL!

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