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Buster and Ty’s Holiday Photos

Things are coming right along here. And by that I mean our house looks like one of those Whoville residences the Grinch hit BEFORE his heart grew three sizes!

We’re scheduled to close on the 27th and will officially become full-time RVers. As soon as the documents are signed and keys exchanged, we’ll be heading south. As far as Rod, Ty, and I are concerned, we cannot get to someplace warmer fast enough. Buster, being the contrarian of the family, is a fan of the cold and the snow. Fortunately, his number one priority is togetherness – he’s happy anywhere, as long as we’re all there.

The tentative plan (as of today) is to head to Florida – eventually making it all the way down to Key West. Though, one of the best things about our new life is that plans can change on a moment’s notice.

Despite the disheveled state of our possessions, Ty and Buster are feeling quite festive and excited to get back on the road.

Happy holidays from Ty and Buster

Happy Howl-o-days!!

Ty the Elf

Ty the Elf

If you have fun pictures of your pets in their holiday attire, please post them on our Facebook page. We’d love to see them!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Nothing against Florida and I have spent a good deal of time there myself recently, but have you considered Austin? Good weather, good people, good food. We'd love to show you and Buster and Ty all the dog-friendly places we know.

  • Happy Holidays & happy packing!

  • Great photos! Wonderful holidays to your crew and our best wishes for a happy and healthy 2011!

  • Peggy Frezon says:

    My, they look absolutely festive! Have a Merry Christmas and a great trip down south where it is warm! mmmmm!

  • Michele says:

    They are adorable. Just remember that when you are writing these new posts in balmy climes, don't tell us how warm it is when it's 20 degrees in the northeast. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays.

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