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Buster Named to ROAR Squad

Our Buster, Dog bless him ...

We are proud to see that Buster, our German Shepherd, was named to the ROAR (Rescue Owners Are Rockin’) Squad over at Fido & Wino! As Shauna says on her blog, the ROAR Squad “is all about pointing out that rescues and rescue owners are Da Bomb” … if she only new how closely “Da Bomb” describes Buster’s behavior!

I won’t repeat Buster’s rescue story – that’s the point of Fido & Wino’s post. Suffice it to say that Buster was abandoned in center city Philadelphia … we found him, literally, in front of our home … and we never let him see the inside  of a shelter.

Here’s what you may not know: Buster was the inspiration for our website, Shortly before finding Buster, we had already planned a road trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario. The trip was purely for pleasure – we were meeting up with Amy’s father to enjoy a week of fishing at Shebandowan Lake. We expected to cover about 2,500 miles over a period of 3 weeks. Finding pet friendly hotels with Ty (our Shar-Pei) was never a problem. Throw in Buster, and there were all sorts of issues: (1) now we had two dogs; (2) Buster weighed 65 lbs at the time; and (3) GSDs are a restricted in breed in some locations. Amy’s quest to find no-fee, pet friendly hotels convinced her that the information people needed to make travel plans with their pets was too difficult to find. Then, the actual trip turned up another obstacle, trying to find pet friendly restaurants and other activities we could all enjoy!  We launched our website a few months later, complete with pet friendly accommodations, activities, and service providers – everything you need to plan a trip in one location.

All because of rescuing Buster. When we tell people this story they exclaim, “Oh! Buster was soooo lucky to have found you guys!” As anyone that has rescued a pet knows, it’s us who were lucky to find Buster. DON’T SHOP, ADOPT.

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  • I check out Buster's story over at Fino & Wino, nice going guys!

  • I didn't know the rest of the story- Buster really IS so very lucky to have found you guys :)

    Thanks for being part of the R.O.A.R. Squad! You guys ROCK! :)

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