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Camping is for the Dogs at Four Paws Kingdom

In a quiet corner of southwestern North Carolina, between Asheville and Charlotte, there is an RV park whose owners have made it their mission to satisfy every dog’s desire.  They’ve taken thirty acres of scenic farmland and turned it into a playground for pooches and their people. If you want your dog to be a happy camper – this could be the perfect spot for you!

Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC

This little corner of doggy heaven is called Four Paws Kingdom Campground, and the name pretty much says it all. Eight separate fenced areas have been created for the dogs, in addition to 16 acres of hiking trails for you to explore together.

If you have a social pup, there are small dog and big dog parks with plenty of space to romp. And, for dogs like Ty (who gets along with his brother, but isn’t fond of other dogs) there’s a private dog park available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC

If your pup is a swimmer, there is a completely fenced swimming pond and a separate fenced park along a spring fed creek. Our boys aren’t much for the water, but they got a big kick out of the agility fun field!

Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC

There’s also an agility sport field for experienced handlers to practice with their dogs – we have a way to go before they’re ready for that. We did give the rally obedience park a try, but the boys had more fun chasing each other than anything else. If you’re interested in learning new skills or working on behavior, the owner is also a trainer and can schedule private lessons.

Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC

After a great day of playing and getting dirty, the dog wash room comes in really handy. We used it to get the boys all spiffed up and ready for BarkWorld!

Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC

For those of you who haven’t yet joined the RV crowd, Four Paws even offers cabin and RV rentals so you won’t be left out.

Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC

Our impression is that this was not the most posh park we’ve visited – the landscaping is rough, the fencing and gates on the dog parks are cobbled together, and most of the campsites and roads are graveled, which gets dusty and muddy. This is also a very rural place, so we had no cell phone coverage. BUT the dogs had a great time … and this place is all about making the dogs happy, after all.

Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC

When you choose a vacation spot, do your dog’s desires come before your own?

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  • That place does sound like a dog heaven. We almost always travel with Chester and Gretel so we always take them into account when making plans. However, I can’t stay or visit somewhere that doesn’t entertain me.

  • Carrie Noar says:

    We try to manage our needs along with what the dogs need when we look for a place to stay. There are a few things I won’t do without, like a bed and a bathroom, but to have the dogs stay with me, I’d be willing to do without a lot of fancy things. I really want to visit Asheville one day. I’ve heard so many things about how wonderful and pet friendly it is!

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