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Catching Our Breath

We’ve reached the Pacific Ocean! And this feels like a good place to catch our breath.

Pescadero, CA

It doesn’t seem very long ago that we were in Myrtle Beach … all the way over on the Atlantic Ocean … visiting friends and catching up with family. That was back in April, and we’ve been slowly making our way westward ever since.

I say “slowly,” but as full-time RVers go, we tend to move around more than most. We’ve already logged 7,300 miles this year, and we still have three and a half months before we pull into Austin, Texas for our annual winter hiatus.

Buster and I thrive on this fast-paced travel schedule. I guess we both have a short attention spans – we’re all about exploring, hitting the highlights, seeing our friends, and then moving on to the next place. Ty and Rod would be happy to mosey along, spending more time sinking their teeth into a place, relaxing a little more, and making some new connections. I have to admit … that slowed-down version of our life doesn’t sound too bad either.

So, now that we’ve reached northern California we’re going to try living at Rod and Ty’s pace. The weather is absolutely gorgeous here, and we don’t have anywhere that we really need to be. Until the temperatures start nudging us to move south, Buster and I are going to test the waters and see how long it takes our paws start getting itchy from being stationary too long.

Pescadero, CA

Our first week here flew by, because we’ve had so much fun catching up with our friends who are parked here for the winter. Checking out more of the local haunts with them bodes well for the next few weeks. We’re within easy driving distance of some great wineries, and the beach is walking distance from the RV park! Unfortunately, this beach isn’t pet friendly, but there are a bunch of places nearby where we can take the dogs to romp in the surf. We’re also looking forward to meeting up with some local doggy celebrities, taking a day trip down to Carmel, and checking out the local hiking trails. Is it possible that Ty and Rod are on to something here??

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  • Thanks, Kim! We definitely will.

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    Oh, wow…this all sounds (and looks!) so lovely. Enjoy!!

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