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The Haters

I know that there are haters out there. Some people think it's insane to include your pets in your vacation plans. Others find dining with your dog utterly revolting. And they can be pretty acidic when expressing themselves. If you travel with your pets, you're likely to run into them too.


It's June 1st and our second blogiversary! We've been reminiscing about the places we've been and thinking about what the next year of pet travel might bring.

Traveling with Dogs in the US

As a dog owner and a travel enthusiast, dog friendly cities are big on my list of desired local locations. Sometimes it's difficult to find pet friendly places.

Pet Travel Has Existed for Aeons

We sometimes meet people who say they don't think we (or anyone else) should travel with pets. Now we have evidence that pet travel has been around forever.

Visiting Tony the Tiger

We introduced you to Tony the Tiger in November. This 550-pound tiger is a roadside attraction at a truck stop just off Interstate 10 in Grosse Tete, LA. Last year, signatures were collected to encourage the Iberville Parish Council not to renew the permit giving Tony's owners an exception from the law prohibiting private ownership of exotic animals. Earlier this month the council voted to allow Tony's owners to keep him and last week we went to see how and were Tony lives. Goes Super-SONIC!

One of the biggest challenges pet travelers face is finding restaurants where their furry traveling companions are welcome to join them. Search no more!

Blog the Change – Henri & the Bee

We love participating in the quarterly Blog the Change events hosted by, and we're especially excited when we can highlight a cause that incorporates pet travel in some way. So, it's our pleasure to introduce you to Henri & the Bee, a children's book in which Henri, a golden retriever puppy, dreams of traveling across the country accompanied by a helpful bee. – Top 10 Posts of 2010

To get off on the right foot I want to share my ten favorite posts from 2010 with you. These are the ones I enjoyed the most - and are examples of what you will get more of in 2011.

Take the Pet Blogger Challenge!

One of the very cool things about blogging is that you get almost instantaneous confirmation that you are not alone. A post I wrote a couple of weeks ago called Bullied by the Blog struck a cord with Edie, author of the fabulous Will My Dog Hate Me? blog. On January 10th, 2011, we are inviting all who would like to reflect on what we've each accomplished on our blogs thus far, and develop a vision for where we're heading in 2011.