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Holiday Raffle Contest

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Your Dog Needs To Be Belted – Giveaway

There are 78 million dogs in the US, and 56% are going for a ride at least once a month ... that's 43,680,000 dogs traveling in vehicles. And, only 16% are buckled up. That means 36,691,200 dogs' lives are gambled each month. That's a ridiculous number of disasters waiting to happen.

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Bumper Sticker Give-Away

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Holiday Hop for Pets Winners

You may remember a while back we participated in the Holiday Hop for Pets giveaway that was hosted by DogTipper, Two Little Cavaliers, and Life with Dogs. This is what our winner had to say: The Gang of Four loved every single piece of the Evanger's gift basket -- so much so that they nearly erupted into the Highland Fling each time I lifted another item from the collection. They sniffed the wrapping. They sniffed the cans and pouches. They even sniffed the coupons to assess their food value.