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Scout with Food Bowl

Mixing Things Up

I've never heard a reason that I considered compelling for rotating my dog's food ... until recently. Now we're mixing things up. Find out what changed my mind.

Coburn's Exclusive Red

Elevated Pet Feeder Giveaway

An elevated feeder may be just what you need to spruce up your pet's feeding station, and today we're giving you the chance to win one that's hand-crafted, and custom designed!

Buster in Bergan on Sofa

Comparing Bergan and Kurgo Dog Car Harnesses

Seat belt for you. Seat belt for your kids. Seat belt for your pets. It's a motto we believe in firmly. But when you're looking for just the right car harness for your dog, the choices can be overwhelming. To help you narrow it down, we put two popular harnesses - Bergan and Kurgo - to the test.

Tom Bihn Citizen Canine Treat Bag

This Bag Is A Treat

Tom Bihn's Citizen Canine is the most well constructed and classiest treat bag I've ever seen. It comes in seven fun color combinations and has a Ballistic nylon exterior and a rip-stop nylon interior.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Taste Test

Ty and Buster recently sampled The Honest Kitchen's new dog food formula, Love. As expected, they LOVED it! But they love them all - so it was time for a taste test ...

Using KONGs To Entertain Dogs With Cabin Fever

It's been a hot summer - too hot for dogs to spend much time outside in many places. Dealing with the cabin fever that results from dangerous temperatures is a lot like keeping your dog from getting bored while you're traveling. When Ty and Buster need a distraction their favorite is a frozen stuffed KONG. Filling and then freezing the KONG makes your dog work harder to get the treats out and gives a popsicle-like effect.

How To Calm Your Dog – Thundershirt Contest

We're always looking for tools to help with Buster's rehabilitation and training, so when we read about the calming effects of the Thundershirt we decided to give it a try. We ordered one for Buster's fourth birthday, and have been using it for the past six weeks.

Hanging Around with ENO

Several portable hammocks have caught my eye since moving into the Winnebago, but nothing was quite right. They were either difficult to assemble or didn't pass our usefulness vs. required-space-to-store test. The ENO SingleNest hammock and SlapTrapPRO hammock suspension system solved both those issues. Follow these simple directions and you'll be swinging in no time.