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Is Your Pet Food Human Grade?

Only products made in a plant that produces human foods can be legally labeled “human grade.” Some pet food companies claim that their products are “human quality” or “table grade,” but these terms have no legal definitions.

All Pet Toys Come From Heaven

Are you looking for quality pet toys and bedding made by an environmentally conscious company? Look no further than West Paw Design.

Packing For Your Pooch!

GoPetFriendly reviews pet luggage from Doggy Baggage and provides a list of dog travel essentials to pack for your next trip.

The Honest Kitchen, Honestly Good

Our switch from kibble to a close-to-raw dog food from The Honest Kitchen has been easy, inexpensive, and beneficial for our dogs' diet and health issues.

Bamboo Disposable Waste Bags & Dispenser

Dog owners know that the value of good disposable waste bags and the dispenser that holds them is not to be poo-pooed. A relatively new product from Bamboo gets a 3-paw rating from GoPetFriendly.