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Trenton Thunder Welcomes GoPetFriendly

GoPetFriendly's first ever meet up at the Trenton Thunder 4th annual Bark in the Park was a home run. People and pooches got upgraded from the outdoor picnic area to the indoor Yankee Club.

Dogs Escape from New York City

Dogs are bustin' out of New York City! Northward Hound offers NYC pups 11 dogs-only weekend excursions to New Hampshire from March through November. It's doggie day care taken to a whole new level.


GoPetFriendly’s Manifesto

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. This is a declaration of our intention to you by being the best pet travel resource on the Internet.

Verizon MiFi Internet Connection

Staying Connected While Traveling

Several people have asked how we stay connected to the Internet while we're on a pet friendly road trip. We're happy to report that our MiFi has worked great!

Doggie Olympics

Scottsdale will host the Cynosport® World Games - also known as the Doggie Olympics. See the world's best canine athletes compete to be "top dog."