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Exploring Fidalgo and Whidbey Island with Dogs |

A Life Well Lived

With grateful and heavy hearts, we said goodbye to Ty on Saturday. Wherever his next adventure takes him, part of us goes too.

9th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

It's the 9th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge! Peek behind the scenes of some of your favorite blogs, and connect with pet bloggers you didn't know before.

Happy 14th Birthday, Ty |

Happy 14th Birthday, Ty!

We spent Ty's 14th birthday celebrating in Clear Lake, Iowa. After a walk long the lakefront and a stroll through the park, we picked up a treat from South Shore Donut company. It was the perfect birthday celebration!

2018 Pet Travel Survey Results |

2018 Pet Travel Survey Results from

Evidence shows that pet owners are spending more on products and services for their furry family members, and that purchasing power is also impacting the travel industry. So, are pet lovers really interested in traveling with their pets? Here are the results of our 2018 pet travel survey.