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7 Essentials for Desert Hiking with Your Dog |

7 Essentials for Desert Hiking with Your Dog

When Bailey and I set out on an extended road trip last year, I knew we would be spending a lot of time hiking in the desert. Coming from the Midwest, I had some concerns about the precautions we'd need to take, as well as the dog gear necessary for desert hiking.

Tips for Traveling Alone with Pets |

Tips For Traveling Alone With A Pet

Road trips are my favorite kind of vacation. The excitement of choosing a destination, packing the car, and hitting the open road makes me absolutely giddy. These days most of my traveling is done with Rod and the boys, but once in a while a situation pops up that requires me to spend a day or two traveling on my own.

Three Layers of Pet Safety

Pets get lost ... it happens everyday. And when it does, the nightmare can last for hours, days, or weeks. A friend's foster dog has been missing for several days and we're taking steps now to be prepared if we ever find ourselves in the same situation.

New Product Solves Dog In Car Dilemma

If you're a dog owner, I'm sure this scenario has crossed your mind ... you're on your way home from the dog park and remember you need to stop at the store for milk. You park your car in the shade, roll down the windows a bit to let in the breeze, and tell your dog you'll be right back. As you're hurrying through the frozen food section you step in a puddle of melted ice cream - your feet go out from under you and your head hits so hard you're knocked unconscious. While you're disoriented and waiting for the paramedics, the sun shifts and your car begins heating up ...