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Turn the RV Around

The last official post regarding our whereabouts had us coming out of Door County, WI for the holiday weekend. We spent the night in Green Bay on July 4th. Let’s pick up from there.

Buster and Ty at Washington Monument - Washington, DC

Top 10 Tips to Travel Like a Pro With Your Pet

People devoted to pet travel know the opportunity to bring their pets along for the ride is a privilege, not a right. Follow these ten tips to travel like a pro and set an example for others to follow.

3 Top Pet Travel Peeves

When you're on the road with dogs as much as we are, you have time to mull over your pet travel peeves. Here's our top three.

Pug puppy

Traveling With a Pug

Dogs love to travel and pugs are no different. But traveling with a pug requires some special considerations. Here are the things you should know!