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Honey the golden retriever tries to figure out which cup is hiding her treat.

11 Ways To Tire Out Your Dog In A Small Space

That awesome hike you have planned in the mountains is sure to tire your dog out! But what if it rains? Or if you sprain your ankle? We'll give you eleven ways to tire out your dog - even if you live in a small space!

7 Essentials for Desert Hiking with Your Dog |

7 Essentials for Desert Hiking with Your Dog

When Bailey and I set out on an extended road trip last year, I knew we would be spending a lot of time hiking in the desert. Coming from the Midwest, I had some concerns about the precautions we'd need to take, as well as the dog gear necessary for desert hiking.

Tips for Choosing and Using an RV Dog Ramp |

Tips For Choosing & Using An RV Dog Ramp

For the past couple months Buster's been having some issues with his back legs. We first noticed it when his toenails started scraping the sidewalk when he walked. Then it seemed to be harder for him to jump into the car, and recently he's had a bit of difficulty navigating  the steps into the motorhome.

Pet Friendly Campgrounds at America's National Parks |

Enjoying A Campfire Without The Smoke

The warm crackle of a fire is an integral part of the camping experience. It's the perfect gathering place at the end of a day to watch the flames dance, visit with friends, and toast a marshmallow or two.