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That's How We Roll: Time for an Internet Upgrade |

That’s How We Roll: Time for Another RV Internet Upgrade

Everything we love about our nomadic lifestyle depends on one thing ... a speedy internet connection. So having reliable internet service in the RV is more than just important to us -- it's crucial. And after two years with our set up, it was time for an upgrade!

Hooking Up A Propane Fire Pit To An RV Quick-Connect |

Hooking Up A Propane Fire Pit To An RV Quick-Connect

Confession time! A few weeks ago, while I was editing  Denise Rolen's guest post called, "Enjoying a Campfire Without The Smoke," I fell in love with the idea of having a propane fire pit. The thought being able to flip a switch and enjoy the heat and ambiance of a fire had me hooked

Maryland's Top Pet Friendly Attraction: The Chesapeake Bay |

That’s How We Roll: Ty’s Stroller

They say there's nothing sweeter than the love of an old dog, and we're finding out just how true that is. With Buster turning 10 in May and Ty's 13th birthday just around the corner, we're doubly blessed. And, as hard as it is to watch their youth slipping away, it's an honor to care for our boys as they age.