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Pet Friendly Cities – And the Survey Says

We’ve all seen surveys listing the most pet friendly cities in the US. Who performs these surveys? What makes a city pet friendly - what criteria are judged? Is there a MOST pet friendly city?

GoPetFriendly Interviewed By

The Pet Podcast Channel. Robbin and Joseph Everett caught up with us when we were scouting dog friendly beaches in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Read the interview. Makeover!

We have some very exciting news here at GoPetFriendly! Just as travel season is getting into full swing, we’ve done a complete redesign of our website. Winnebago

Lifehacker Features

We find out that writer Lisa Hoover posted this story just as we were starting the maiden voyage with the RV: GoPetFriendly Finds Pet-Friendly Hotels, Campgrounds, and Much More.

GoPetFriendly Winnebago Gets Two Dewclaws Up

“On the Go with Winnebago” will be the new travel slogan for future pet friendly road trips with our dogs. We plan for these trips to be longer and more frequent so we can deliver the best pet travel information to our readers. After all, its all about the pets!

On the Go With Winnebago

“On the Go with Winnebago” is's new slogan! The team will soon be conducting their pet friendly travels in a new Winnebago.