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Baby Ty - Powers of Cuteness

Celebrating Ty’s 9th Birthday!

Yesterday our little peanut turned nine! It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone by ... and yet, he's taught us so much since we've been together.

Happy Birthday, Buster!

To celebrate Buster's six birthday, I want to share with you some of the lessons he's taught us over the past five years.

Ty and Buster Checking In

Ambushed by Hotel Pet Fees

After a disappointing hotel experience, calls on pet friendly hotels to change their pet fees and provide better information to pet travelers.

Destinations Map

A Pet Traveler’s Philosophy

It's finally occurred to me that to truly experience a place you need to allow it to change you. You have to take a bit of it inside and take it along with you.

Dog Bowl on Sidewalk

What is Pet Friendly?

We're experts in locating pet friendly travel destinations, but ask 10 people what it means to be pet friendly and you'll get 10 answers. This is our take on it.

No Walking Of Pets Sign

Worst Pet Friendly Policy, EVER!

Not all pet friendly places are crated equal, but some go out of their way to make life for pet travelers difficult. This policy is the worst we've encountered.


The Good News And The Bad News

A medical emergency during a road trip with your pets can throw a wrench in your plans. Here's how we dealt with an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

Pet Travel and Staying Thin – Can We Have Both?

One of the biggest challenges of our new pet travel way of life is not gaining weight. We spend a lot of time behind the computers or cruising down the road ... neither of which are belly-busting activities. When Peggy Frezon offered to answer some questions about keeping ourselves and the dogs in shape, we happily accepted!