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Coming Soon to a Driveway Near You

A couple of weeks ago, a great friend in Chicago invited us to crash with him for a few days.

Really? Love to! Where do you want us to park?

Probably the street. Don’t know if your rig will fit in the driveway.

Really? Not sure about the street. Mind if we give the driveway a shot?

Knock yourself out.

GoPetFriendly Winnebago GoPetFriendly Winnebago GoPetFriendly Winnebago

Lesson learned: If you invite us, we will come. If you have a driveway, we will fit.

So how about you? Gotta driveway we can squeeze into? Call us!

PS – Our RV is 7 feet, 6 inches wide. Amy measured the gate width and guided me in. We had about 4 inches of clearance on each side.

PPS – No Winnebago was harmed during the photo shoot for this blog post.

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  • Anil says:

    Incredible parking job!

  • Felissahadas says:

    Your RV looks like a ton of fun.Davinia and Indiana say that it looks like there is more room in there then the back of my MINI for traveling. Hope you don't give them any ideas.

    If you make it down to Miami I have a driveway you can park in or a backyard with view of the swimming pool your choice.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

  • michelechollow says:

    Wow, that looks close.

  • What a tight fit! Love the Winnebago!

  • So Rod, you're saying that you're manouvering in tight spaces :)

  • Robert says:

    ROFL – That is tooooo funny!

  • Lisa Taron says:

    Now that is impressive! If you were in Girl Guides/Boy Scouts, you would SO earn your “Parking a RV in Tight Places” badge!

  • The Road Dogs says:

    Wow! We want that food hauler!!! Cooowelll. We have an idea – you could have a giveaway contest. Whoever's name starts with “Road” and ends with “Dogs” would be the winner! Just some food for thought. Have a great weekend!
    The Road Dogs

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