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To maintain a safe, family-friendly environment, we don’t allow profanity or vulgarities on our site.  We will remove content that contains sexually explicit comments, prejudiced language, threats, or personal insults. Any content that describes or depicts first-hand participation in or advocates for illegal activities will be removed. Content containing extremely graphic descriptions of death, injuries or violent criminal acts will not be posted. We only publish content submitted by travelers 13 or older.


Give us your best, most accurate pet travel advice and tips— just make sure your content is yours! If you must use quoted material from other sources, make it minimal. Any content plagiarized from other websites, reviewers, property owners, emails, or printed materials will be removed.


Content offered in exchange for personal gain, such as gifts, services, or money, will be removed.  We reserve the right to reject any URL for any reason.


Please ensure content is relevant and helpful to pet travelers. GoPetFriendly does not allow content that promotes intolerance for individuals or groups of people based on their race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or nationality. Content encouraging a boycott or smear campaign of a property will be removed.

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We respect your privacy and the privacy of the businesses we list, and we expect you to do the same. We want to know about your experience, but please keep personal or exclusive information to yourself. Content containing personal financial information, including credit card numbers, loyalty rewards numbers, or other financial information will be removed. This includes both the reviewer’s information and the information of others.

Please do not disclose door codes or passwords of any kind. We allow names to be published to our site. This includes the last names of employees or owners associated with the properties listed on GoPetFriendly.

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Content must relate directly to the property to which it is submitted, so please ensure you are adding your comments to the correct listing on GoPetFriendly.  If you post content to a specific listing on our site it must be for an accommodation, restaurant, or attraction that meets our listing requirements.


In all submitted content, if you are a business owner or representative, you must disclose your affiliation with your business.


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