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Could I Live In a House Again?

We’re having a spectacular time in Montana! The days are sunny and crisp, the leaves are hinting at their fall colors, the air is musky, and the mountains stand against the blue sky in all their glory. Autumn is my favorite season, and I can’t think of a more spectacular place to watch it unfold than Big Sky country.

Mountains near Bozeman, MT Mountains near Livingston, MT

I’ve mentioned before that, for two people who live in a motorhome, Rod and I are absurdly attracted to houses. There are few things we enjoy more than strolling through a residential neighborhood, admiring an eclectic collection of rooflines and architectural features, ogling the porches and patios, and soaking up the lawns and landscaping. Eventually the conversation turns to the amount of work, the hours spent, and the year-round stuckness of living in a house, and we traipse off, once again, to our home on wheels.

One house, though, has dominated my imagination. It sits on the hillside above a wide valley, with the Yellowstone River running below, and the majestic Absaroka range stretching out for miles beyond it’s front porch. I must admit, I’ve pictured myself walking barefoot onto that porch to curl up with a hot cup of tea and watch the sun beams play over the golden pastures, the deep-green pines, and the fiery willow. I’ve imagined Buster and Ty charging out the back door for a romp in the tall grass that runs up the hill behind the house. And, I can see us all lounging on the deck, watching the sun kiss the day good-bye as it slips behind the mountains.


The scenes change as fall turns to winter … a cozy fireplace, heavy sweaters, and the valley blanketed with snow. And then spring … new leaves bursting from their shoots, and baby animals bouncing through the meadow. The images are so real, I can almost touch them – but just as real is the clenching of my stomach, and the rising panic in my chest.

The thought of being confined to one spot – no matter how beautiful – terrifies me. Just imagining trading in all of the other beautiful places, and the freedom to move between them at will, is more overwhelming to me now than the decision to sell everything and move into the RV was nearly six years ago. What if I got bored? What if the weather was awful, or the neighbor were rude, or after a while I longed for a different view?

People think it takes guts to live this mobile lifestyle … I think it takes guts not to!

Rod says there’s no reason it has to be all one way or the other – that we could find a vacation house to rent for a month, or maybe house-sit for a friend, and then hop back in the motorhome and continue our travels. I’m so glad one of us can put these things into perspective, because as much as I want that cup of tea on the front porch, I just don’t think I could go back to living in a house full-time again.

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