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Oregon's Top Pet Friendly Attraction: Portland's Parks |

Oregon’s Top Pet Friendly Attraction: Portland’s Parks

Oregon is a playground for pet lovers ... with the magnificent dog friendly beaches along the coast to the breathtaking scenery and recreation of the Cascades. And cities like Portland that go out of their way to make you and your furry family members feel welcome.

Columbia River Gorge - Portland, OR

Dogs Do The Columbia River Gorge

Only 25-miles east of Portland is the spectacular Columbia River Gorge. We had no problem finding plenty to entertain the dogs in this outdoor sports mecca.

Would You Be Happy Here?

Campgrounds run the gamut from barely tolerable to posh, with most being somewhere in the middle. This park in Bend, Oregon knocked our pet friendly socks off!

Dog on Bike - Portland, Oregon

Portland Is For Dog Lovers

Dog lovers will have fun exploring Portland! This guide will give you a look at what we did with our dogs in this perfectly walkable and pet friendly city.